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Look better feel better live better That COP ARE health dot com Let's go to Rita and the traffic center Well if you're traveling home from the beaches just be aware westbound 50 is starting to see delays right now Before four O four off and on in stretches headed toward the merge with three O one and 50 After that you'll look good crossing the cat narrows bridge delays beginning near Main Street in Chester trying to head on to the westbound span of the bay bridge and the volume very slow continues across the westbound span of the bridge towards sandy point be aware of sandy point state park remains full no one else is being let in right now so you might find some delays either direction to 50 trying to get on to sandy point Westbound 50 then slows from cape saint Clair headed toward the severn river bridge after that it looks good all the way to the beltway northbound two 70 is a trouble spot before one O 9 at a crawl headed toward route 80 before route 80 the crash on the left side of the far right to get by southbound has the rubber necking delay after 85 past the scene with the lanes open and then it looks good to the lane divide Southbound 95 in Virginia slows out of lorton and across the aka Kwan the northbound delay is pretty much from route one in spotsylvania all the way to the centerport Parkway also some volume from Dale City into woodbridge Three 95 slows northbound trying to head across the 14th street bridge in the case bridge a lot of this may be because you have to continue out of the freeway from the 14th street bridge There is no access to lower 14th street This is just one of the many closures in and around the area of the mall due to the Memorial Day parade that's going to start at 2 o'clock.

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