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By the way, a danger to the country. He is supposed to be protecting by the way when Donald Trump was at the well to read medical center, his doctor said. He's busy. He's busy working. He's working. Is working very hard. Even though he's sick here at the medical center. He's working, and they released a bunch of photographs to show Donald Trump sitting at a desk working busily at paperwork signing papers. That were blank. Blank pages. He's got stacks of white paper with nothing on them, and he's signing them and the TV show it's staged. Yeah, the meta data on those photos showed that they were taken because they're two different photos 11 of one of them in one room with his shirt off, and one of him different room with a jacket on And the metadata, and those showed that those were taken 10 minutes apart because it's all a TV show that only what he understands, knows and cares about. We We have for many, a shifting subjects here now to something even well, equally unpleasant. For four years now, the scandals of the Catholic Church and and Ah police getting away with molestation. Well as it turns out, the Church of England. Not not immune to this either. Apparently, the Church of England forgave pedophiles after they express remorse and allowed them to carry on working with Children. Instead of protecting the Children are reporters found the independent inquiry into child sex abuse, said that between the 19 forties and 2018 390 clergy members in the Church of England or or people in positions of trust. Were convicted of child sex abuse. The culture of the Church of England facilitated it becoming a place where abusers could hide, said a report released one Tuesday. Reference to the authority of the church and to individual priests, taboos surrounding discussions of sexuality and in an environment where alleged perpetrators were treated Mohr supportively than victims. Presented barriers to disclosure that many victims could not overcome, said the report, Not just Catholic Church. And finally, this I do this story because I learned something new from it, And I think you will, too. Joey Chestnut. You've taken my sports proposed the Champion Eater Champion eater, Joey Chestnut. He wins the hot dog eating contest a Coney Island almost every year. Well, he has Eaten a massive £12 walking taco in 38 minutes, And so of course I say to myself. Walking taco. What's a walking taco? I had no idea. Well, A walking taco is essentially A bunch of taco ingredients stuffed inside a bag of chips. Here's what was in Joey Chestnut's walking taco. So there were £2 of chips. £3 of ground beef. Two plus pounds of cheese, a pound of salts of six avocados, onions and sour cream. And, of course, Joey's signature green hatch and jalapeno saw jalapeno sauce. So Joey Chestnut destroyed that in. Can you imagine eating all of that in 38 minutes? Now I'd like to try but man A walking taco. Now I want one. Right? Sports weather traffic. Well, I mean, that was my sports right there. I mean, I could tell you that the chief's beat the paper its last night 20 to 10. I could tell you that the Packers beat the Falcons. 32 16. Hey, you're stealing my news, Gina. Sports by the way that Joey Chestnut Story was in the sports section of the news. It was it was a spit is an official sport is competitive eating. That's your sports. Whether we still have the smoky haze goingto be with us until this possible storm comes this weekend and we are quite warm for the next few days. 81 today we could break records tomorrow at 85. Now that's going to change Saturday night into Sunday. There's a chance of rain and by Monday we're only gonna have a high maybe right around 60, so that's going to change quite a bit. Friends of the program active in telling us about traffic this morning. So far, friend of the program says Foothill is at a standstill. From the offering a ce faras you Khun C. I don't see a crash there. I'm wondering if this is all you know, related to maybe road closure, starting for the vice presidential debate. I don't know. I don't see a crash there. Crash. Shepherd Lane Farmington, Another friend of the program says We have a crash. I'm banging her highway at 100 south in South Jordan, two left lanes are closed there. Crash 35th West 5500 south in Roy. And a crash east down 35th South 32nd west in West Valley. The eastbound lanes are closed. You're going to want to use an alternate route through there. On the hunt for a trophy truck or SUV, $3500 more for your trade and not a payment until next year. Your trophy ride is at national.

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