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Psychoanalyst's bestselling author. We're talking about America's identity crisis right now. We're going to go out to our friend attorney psychologists at least Lisa Stroman to discuss amongst other things Lisbeth. Warren's behavior on social media release. Of course, the brain pie digital citizens academy. DCA kids dot org is where you can find out more. Lisa welcome. Hi. How are you? Good. So what was Elizabeth Warren up to and what are people saying about it? Well, so it seems that Elizabeth Warren obviously announced that she is running for candidate and twenty twenty and she decides on New Year's Eve to go on Instagram live and try to connect with the people and. Here's the issue. And I and I sent over I think is in over two articles. But I can't find the second one. But I was talking about the power of social media. And if we're not using it, then we're almost quote unquote, invisible. And I've heard this from the beginning of how important it is to be relevant on social media. Well, this was like the most awkward presentation. We're Elizabeth Warren goes on New Year's or. Yeah. So New Year's Eve night pops open a beer she actually starts to livestream. Then then tells the viewers let me just go get a beer goes to refrigerator. She's all alone mind, you in her kitchen goes and gets a beer pops it open, and then all of a sudden she's like, oh, well, and there's my husband. So it was just kind of awkward seemingly planned out spontaneous moment, and everyone online is calling her out for it. Right. So it's very sad. And seems like every move. She makes to. To be cool or to be part of the current discourse. Or to make her like she's relevant at the current discourse. Each move has a major Daf associated with it. Whether it's. North America Denia identity without understanding what's necessary to claim that identity with North American Indian or discussing with somebody how sort of Instagram works. Maybe watching other people's in scramble is perhaps the right? Well, and it goes back to like the power of that social media audience, and quite frankly, they're probably the most, you know, that's what the trolls. And the issue that we've talked about over the years, but it's the most fickle audience, and if you're ever on there, and you're not up into you're not being yourself. They're going to call you out for and you're gonna get just slammed over it. And that's exactly what happened because it's such a powerful medium that. Powerful media. But it it's I I'm going to bet her Instagram live had about nine followers, but the repercussions of the opportunity to troll. Her was in the tens or hundreds of thousands, so thousands. So the power is in the delivery of a brand you like to delivery, the power is only in the setting of people acting out on those in social media. You know what I mean? That's where it's this weird. I mean, if you were let's put it this way, if you were advising her how to make herself more than social media. What would you tell her to do? Not that. Opposite of it. Right. I mean, and it goes back to she's not it's not a natural place for her to be. And if she was going to actually go on Instagram. I I'd have her go on there and say, hey, like, I'm trying to get relevant trying to figure this out. You know, hope that you guys stay along the journey with me. I'm getting some lessons on how to do this be honest about it. Right. You're going to have authenticity. If you're being real with how you're using it, which is you know, again, like when I see you go on you talk to the people in your real moments of what is happening. Hey, I'm here giving speeches? So I'm gonna talk about or here's what you know. That's authenticity on social media. Yeah. But it's, but it's also. Does certain style to it in a certain way of doing this. And it's repet- petition repetition repetition. You know what I mean? And so her to go out and go here it is. This is it this is now my social media moment as though it was a national television broadcast couldn't could not be further from high to do that. It seems to me. I gotta take a little break. You've also got another story for me, which is this. What you tell me about very interesting eight hundred two two two five two two two as a phone number of speaking trauma. You can find her at DCA kids dot org or take a little break. This is but they live on talk radio seven ninety KABC. KABC has dependable.

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