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Komo traffic at six fifty four Kendrick KOMO forecast. Rain tonight showers tomorrow specially in the morning hours. We'll have a high around fifty three degrees right now in Seattle. Forty seven degrees. Komo news. Time six forty five. Stay connected. Stay informed. Seattle twenty four hour news station. Komo news one thousand FM ninety seven seven for the least Jaffe, I'm Tom Glasgow. Jeremy grater at the editor's desk with us as we take a look at some of the day's top stories after twenty five years and four children together, the world's richest couple calling it quits today. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie announced their surprise split on Twitter after a long period of loving exploration and trial separation. They wrote we have decided to divorce in continue our shared lives as friends North Korean leader, Kim Jong Hoon telling Chinese president Xi during Kim's recent visit to Beijing that he was committed to setting up a second summit with President Trump to achieve results on the nuclear standoff on the Korean peninsula talks to reopen. The government have broken down again. President Trump walked out of a meeting with democratic leaders after they refuse to provide funding for the wall. Come jeff. Coachella spoke with ABC's alley Rogan first off what happened in this meeting. A lot of fireworks in this meeting. The president apparently entered the meeting asked Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer house speaker Nancy Pelosi if they were willing to support his border wall funding request. They said, no. And he said how about in thirty days, would you support it then and they said, no. And apparently he said, well, then there's nothing to talk about. And literally said the words by by and left the room, and that was that according to the White House the meeting lasted about fourteen minutes, the president before he got into the very brief substance of the meeting handed out some candy. But things went from sweet to sour very quickly. So where things stand now the government still shut down. We still don't have funding for his proposed border wall. Everything's still at an impasse by Friday, federal employees who have been furloughed orbin sent home from work or are working without pay. We'll be not receiving their scheduled checks for the work that they were supposed to be paid for. So that is really when the effects of this shutdown are going to be seen most viscerally. And in the meantime, the president certainly doesn't seem to be changing his position Democrats are back in their corners there. They were trying to talk to one another today. But they ended up simply talking at one another and breaking down very quickly the president's also going to the border tomorrow. So that will be an opportunity for him to I s I have a feeling that you'll hear him talk about some of the things he's seen and been told from officials that underscore why he believes this is a national security crisis. And that may lead him even close. Sir to declaring this national emergency. So on that what happens if he declares it? A national emergency rules governing national emergency are very open ended in a way that will help President Trump interpreted as he. So see fit, of course. So he could in theory asking the military to reallocate funds to immediately constructing the wall that he wants on the southern border. However, how fast that would actually be implemented is up in the air because he would immediately be subject to legal challenges from advocacy groups likely for members of congress as well. So this could be held up in the courts for a very long time. But at this point, it does seem to be the most realistic channel for President Trump to actually get some of that money. That's ABC's alley Rogan with komo's Jeff Pohjola. Komo news time six forty nine. See entertainment news. It gives them more energy.

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