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Movie ever. Carm, certainly one of my favorite summer movies, I watch it A handful of times throughout the summer is that 1/4 of July tradition watching Jaws? I mean, it's centered around Fourth of July. Close the beaches. Carm Chlo. Huge industry closed. The beach is okay. You know what I always did never pinpointed to the fourth. Maybe I'm just living in my own calm world over here. I just always beautiful as some of those beaches are going to be open. People are watching Johnson makes me actually wonder, like Fourth of July traditions. What do you What do you do out there on the Fourth of July? I was talking about this earlier this week. Carmen family We never had any real strong traditions. Now I've always felt like it was hardest summer grill in hanging out. Yeah, but I didn't hit home for you like we never went to a fireworks festival. Really? Never How we're always going to like. They used to have the carnivals and then a fireworks show in out in out in Highland Park that used to have it at Walter's field. Home of the football team. When I was a kid, I know if they still do that, but I don't remember ever really doing that. And then, of course. Mmm. The baseball games. I mean, I started the vending career in 1990 two's. There's a lot of fourth of July is one where I was working. But I don't know. I feel like I kind of feel at a loss like corn on the cob. Nice girls don't really hit hit home for you. It was never like a special It was never really Look like it was a big deal. The fourth of the Conrad family made maybe Aiken. What I remember. It felt like a big deal with the problem was once I feel like the Paul so you guys were doing it right over there. Pop. Apollo's Get the grill going. A little soft on the back 312981 72 100 All right, Phyllis. Welcome in to 7 20 W g n on the team. Hochberg phone line. Go ahead, Phyllis. Hi. I just wanted to add a comment of observation into your conversation. Okay, um The Line away, Jack. When they get when they took him off. I thought that was horrible. Because I I just I thought that was a really good representation. It wasn't meant to be, um Evil or or derogatory in any way when I when in the world did we all get such a thin skin? When did all this political correctness? Become so mainstream in our lives. Did you go to l A. Did you go to Illinois, Phyllis? I did, and it was it was part of it was. It was part of the fabric of your growing up and being out there. Anyway, when when? As a white person when you when you go in a restaurant. Um, maybe I'm South side and it's predominantly black people in there. You may get a little bit alarmed because Of feeling all those eyes on you, and you're different from them. But on the other side of the coin What about black people walking into predominantly white places on all their lives? They must. We need to have a field of more compassion. For what? These People are going through. In their everyday lives. If they just walk in someplace, they know that Isar on them, and they they they know that that there's this this terrible Call it you know, coming across in in and it they're going to get hurt somehow, right? They live in fear they live in fear Constant. Irritation like that. How could how We need to be more sensitive. But I don't agree with all this name changes. Yeah, I got it, Phyllis. Thanks. Thanks for the call Those those super interesting where you took it because you went to different directions that executor Phyllis is going through What I did, which I think is like part of the conversation we're having, because it's like we're not sure what exactly is right. What's too far what's not far enough? I will say this wasn't part of the conversation. And I don't mean this is shadow you by any means, fellas as I'm, a 31 year old white man sitting here talking about a very sensitive and at times uncomfortable conversation, But you know who always seems to be bringing up this whole political correctness thing and how Everything's becoming politically correct is white people and how? How bother they are. Bye bye, things having to change or us maybe going in a different direction, whether it be a team, Nick name or a mascot or how we just completely approached. Our lives, and like I said, it's not that you feel it. It just seems I don't I don't hear black people talking about political correctness and how it could be. The down The end of society in America just seems to be white people that we're so accustomed to what What is basically no way favored us in a lot of ways, so and again, not you, Phyllis. I'm just saying in general, when I keep hearing that come up, it seems to be coming from one group of people well, and I would go. I'll focusing on a different part of Phyllis. This conversation. We had Jared paint on the ear the other day. And he goes into a hot dog store that He's not people that are generally shopping in the store. Do not look like J. P and he's wearing a mask or the middle of a pandemic, and he sees the reaction to himself when he comes in there, and what does he do? He over tips. To create a level of comfort like, Hey, I'm just here because I want to buy a hot dog. I'm not here to Do anything wrong and by the way I'm a fairly successful dude who can afford to give you a nice tip, too. So you know when I come back in here, you know you can feel comfortable. It's like but then I You know, I'm listen to J P. Tell us now. That is an experience that I would never have until and to Philip's point like that's that's what I'm talking about. Imagine just having the compassion for somebody who constantly is looked at differently for no other reason. Right conversation that's been had over and over. Don't judge some of the color of skin but like tryingto put at least a little bit of yourself in their shoes. Try to have a little more compassionate. Phyllis. Great Call 312981 72 100. Ellen from Carrie. Welcome to W G N. Sports Central. Go.

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