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Zoom conferencing I'm. Gary on the, military has helped hundreds of. So-called white. Helmets civil defense volunteers escape south west Syria to Jordan the evacuation came at the request of the US and European countries due to a threat from the Assad regime build reporter Paul round timer in Tel Aviv majority never wanted to leave. The country but the situation there at the border, getting so dangerous for them because the big threat and that they would have been killed by troops the volunteers eventually we'd be sent to, Britain Germany and Canada CBS's Margaret Brennan reports. That the US offered vetting of. Those evacuated plus. Some financial support but under terms of the US travel ban they will not be resettled in this country Investigators are questioning whether storm warnings went unheeded before a duck boat sank and table rock lake in Missouri. On Friday CBS's Jim Krasula in Branson. The company operating, the duck boat, that capsized during a vicious storm used a private weather forecasting. Service or a waiter is with the National Transportation Safety board understand, how that, information was passed on to people who. Made the decisions to go out at that time investigators hope of video recorder recovered from the sunken tour boat will help. Show what happened Jim Krasula CBS, news Branson Missouri a suspect is in, custody after taking several dozen hostages and barricading himself inside a trader Joe's in Silverlake section of Los Angeles during the three hour standoff one. Woman was fatally shot police say the gunman, was, chased by, cops after being suspected of shooting grandmother and another woman in a separate part of the. City then crashing his car outside the supermarket, KCBS TV reporter Chris Holmstrom police say the Grandmother was shot. At least seven times neighbors say at least once in the chest and another in, the leg she was taken to the hospital where she had surgery and is now, in critical condition final round today in the British Opens Steve Futterman is there with one, round to, go there is a three way tie for first among three Americans defending champion Jordan Spieth Kevin Kisner and Zander but the big story on day three was the. Man tight for six place Tiger Woods the world's former number one golfer came to life. With around the five hundred, par he is four strokes behind the leaders but says I'm right there I've got a chance at this and which is great woods. Hasn't won a major championship, in a decade Steve Futterman. CBS news at the British Open in core new St. Scotland Iranian president Hassan Rohani today warned President Trump saying he should not play. With the lion's tail saying it would..

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