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Affiliates and other insurers just can not available in all states of situations in 28 traffic and weather. Together on the eights, and here's Claire Lane. If you're around Wrigley Field, it's not a Cubs game and Cubs traffic that's getting in the way it's actually protest activity. CPD on the sea. We've got about 50 to 100 people. I suppose Clark is what's blocked right in front of the friendly confines there. Addison Waveland. The protests, activity stand put, but consider avoiding it If you normally take Clark Sheffield, Racine, Southport Ashland. All those could get you where you need to go. Additionally, those Sita has rerouted Addison buses around Clark Street, So consider extra tab. If you normally hop on the Addison bus, Eaton's Nothing worry about clear Kennedy outs. Good and not so slow 30 from O'Hare sweating off the junction. Up on deck is heavy from Austin to Harlem's or just throw park there. It's 18 man. I'm 31 23 90 gotta crash blocking in late, racy And so that's 36 from the 3 90 23 coming in from Mannheim. Upon services getting heavy because of a crash in the two left lanes at the Dan Ryan so actually just past the Rams, But traffic volume has died off significantly looking at just 24 minutes at the Tri State 30 43 55 capers. 32 3 55 to the drive 22 from 2 94 up on Ryan's good about his 22 minutes. Pretty busy 31st to Roosevelt Road. But the 74th all good like should travel heavy both ways at Chicago Avenue, But there is not one tollway. That is causing you any trouble about 80 94 selling their client. Next traffic report. 7 38 news ready, You 7 80 in one of five points, But the forecast tonight's where the warm glow about 70 degrees. With that little chance for a couple of showers and thunderstorms rolled through. Maybe some severe.

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