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Well for our for your patience and four listening on this friday to writer the new with me bill writer sylvia's portrayed up um and no problem i probably up to like it was important topic up feel like the nfl they should be good they should take advantage of that and it will help those his sports because we watch these kids go if i play football high school i have friends who played in college i've seen people say pro second fikret's whole on you and i like the fact that there dressing it because i remember plan football and i'm 47 that sweden this dress head injury we kind of shake flake but people that i realize you have a life after this for you got families who have kids these players out here they needs to see well fake needs to realise that even though this is their life is still a career and they still have people that have to pay switched to i think this doing this will save this for people into research in the money and try to figure out but nfl so when it comes to different levels of sports we more kitchen to it what does that black people i talk about this bridge i'm glad to be i'm glad that people were are calling including yourself and listen thank you for the thoughts mom i am optimistic that if in fact after dr malo and his team can take this one situation of diagnosing accurately see tina living person can't as they hope and plan to do raise the money for trials get through those trials perfect the technique and get it peerreviewed if it doesn't affect become accepted science in fact it is not a death knell for the sport is one of the things that can protect it and this is the most important thing the people who play that every level high school college the nfl whatever may be all right i wanna talk to them and a fell this upcoming weekend preview some of the games get into some of the story lines and try to get some clarity on the nfc will do that with heath evans fourplayer current nfl network analysts when we come back back to the show right of the.

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