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You're talking about thirty nine sections six hundred sixty four yards last year. Now receptors for one hundred sixty eight yards against Pittsburgh included on a game winning drive. When Tom Brady went to him back to back to back times. I'm looking at the knowing like what the hell is going on here. I'm looking at the New England Patriots. I'm word. Uh-huh. Unlike the feelers can't beat them. This secondary. Tom Brady is going to pick him apart. Looted Idaho Ataman would drop a couple of passes in the first half gronk would be capable of getting open not a single catching the last nine minutes of the game. Not a single catch. The first three quarters in about three or four minutes. Other game. Hey, didn't have a cat to tell the fourth quarter. Did have a catch. Adamant had seven catches for ninety yards. White at five catches for twenty five yards. Paddison at three catches for twenty yards. Birkhead even had three catches HOGAN had two catches for sixty eight yards. Warm was a sixty three yard touchdown where he was you'll never receive a receiver in NFL history. More open. They great Chris HOGAN was yesterday. But that's sixty three yard next between him and Tom Brady. Josh, Josh, just Gordon slides less. Veers left wanna slam pattern three different. Damn. Pittsburgh Steeler defenders follow him and Chris HOGAN is wide. Open running down the field, not a single person in the vicinity. I could have ran for touchdown. Under those circumstances. Nobody near him. You will never see a receiver more wide open in the NFL. But that was just a mental breakdown on the part of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Turns out it was their only collapse. Adamant had a thirty four yard catch later on in the game. Outside of that. Knowing the patriots were pretty much neutralize. What is still as defense? They were getting after Tom Brady all night long. They weren't able to sack him but once or twice, but the bottom line is they were in his face all night long. Tom Brady threw an uncharacteristic is a section with seven minutes. Fifty one seconds left in the game. Just do it up there. Trying to throw it out of bounce. Do the pressure of pocket. Ultimately, Joe Haden went up and snatched it over gronkowski and Etta mink element got hurt on a play. Give my Tom credit, by the way as well. Because this is the same Tomlin that inexplicably was on a hot seat. This is the same Mike Tomlin, then there's been castigated as far as I'm concerned entirely too much. You're talking about a guy in Boswell. That's missed extra points this year. That's missed field. Goes this year. That may be arguably the second worst field goal kicker in the National Football League after getting his contract extension in the off season. And no, I don't have much of a voice, but I got it today. Because this excited. I am Mike Tomlin. What does he do? He could sit up there and punt the football and v away from giving Tom Brady and the patriots the ball in good field. Gophers in good in good field position in the event that Boswell MRs yet another. But after missing a field goal early in the game. Mike Tomlin says go out there and try again showed ultimate faith in Boswell. What does he do? He kicked a field goal. He kicked a field goal. And when he kicked a field go that was a beautiful thing to see. Because of you're the Pittsburgh Steelers. You desperately needed it. Obviously the forty eight yard field. Go by Boswell with two minutes. Thirty seconds left Tom Brady, and I'm still got much Tom, but they need to touchdown to win. It. Or at least tied and send it in over time..

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