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Listening to the AP digital news network. It was one of the most dramatic endings to an NC double a basketball championship game. Back down to seven second. North Carolina State Wolfpack upset the Houston Cougars. Fifty four fifty two at the buzzer in April nineteen Eighty-three. There was no way the Cougars should've lost. They were the best team in the country all season and were led by two of the all time, great players came allies one and Clyde Drexler the team was nicknamed five slamma Jamma because of their fast paced athletic style of play the Wolfpack coached by Jim Valvano played them. More slowdown grind it out style fell. Von oh, said he learned so much from that championship team when you have a dream and you throw in that concept of meta believing and loving each other, and you can accomplish your that's an April moment in sports history. I'm Jack schmierer, and this is really. Amazon says it'll soon promise one day delivery for prime members in the US. It hopes cutting delivery times in half will make its one hundred nineteen dollars a year prime membership more attractive Amazon also can't compete with WalMart and target where ordering online and picking up at a store is becoming more popular with shoppers. Amazon didn't say when the change will happen. But it said this week that in the past month, it's been increasing its selection of items eligible for one day deliveries age and the presidential race. I'm Tim Maguire the AP news minute, President Trump who is seventy two talks about age. Vibrant, man, he tells reporters he feels a lot younger than seventy six year old Joe Biden, I look.

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