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Team minutes set up on shooting the being june i think after seeing isaac and sort of seeing and being in the waters has realizing her babies probably going to be the most comfortable she sees that rita at least is what it says script she sees rita it quickly goes from accepting the fact that the baby's not going to have protein and chicken for the day and so she quickly quickly sort of reevaluates situation and then just like a being pep kotei and let's switch to being so the focus on the beans is just june realizing that read it would be a great godmother and realizing that june that read it would be anything that she quit to give the baby what she needs an in that case it was profane but all the beans are that's fantastic it's just one of those things it was like really how everybody was like what is happening with the being shot there okay well that's that's great information like beans for men and then she could poison feet look it's a whole thing about the being that i wish that now and now now that i know this i'm not even joking i'm gonna find a way to work being even three i'm not saying just out to almost i wanna find a way to like sprinkled some being somewhere or hustling magic beans but yeah all it is it's just really june realizing that she this woman will do anything she can for the just for the safety of the baby in the safety ever handmaiden she's at the moment that's moment that she decides that she's going to read it to be the handmade so you'll see directly after opting need to bring her a cup of milk which i lick legend and that's when she asked me to do other that's fantastic great information appreciate them all right so we've got about ten minutes left and we go component questions when asked to here so we're gonna start off becky here tian at the time top of the list so rita up until about the mid middle of season two has really been a tough character to figure out even admittedly by you and some of the interviews that i'd seen you really couldn't tell if it was kind of a true believer and gilead or not which you know line side of the line she fell on did you know in season one what side she was on and at what point did you realize that she was going to kind of be the mvp of season two and when did you did you get that script early on was that later no high i don't know anything i know what you know i was i didn't know i i have ceiling that she was they were massaging her into being somewhat of a bit more of a soft soul and someone who really was going to fight back halfway through season two but i still didn't know i didn't know it was going to be all of a sudden where they say that i'm the undercover i i'm like a secret commander or something i really didn't know i got the last grip so the last episode i was in my agra falls with my kids and my husband and i read it it was eleven o'clock at night and i read it standing up and i was like do words mean the same thing in niagara falls because i think i just read i am like harriet tubman so then i reread it again like i held it in 'cause like altitude.

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