Peyton Manning, Giants, Russell Wilson discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


Gotta have been the conversation. You gotta even put them in there. Who else? Do you have? It's this go down the list. It's not a raider. It's not a Bronco. You got fill up with the chargers. It's not a chief. It's not a Jaguar. It's not a titan. I put Peyton Manning the colts. You can't put Andrew luck in there. It's not a Texan. It's not a bang. Oh, it's not a Brown. You can't put flacco in from the ravens. It's not a jet. Not a Bill not a dolphin. It's not a cowboy all do respect the Tony Romo. It's not an eagle due respect to Donovan McNabb. It's not a Redskin. You gotta with the giants. It's not a bare. It's not a Viking unless you wanna talk about farve air, Raja's your Packer. It's not Stafford not Cam Newton or you wanna put Matt Ryan. Instead of Big, Ben. I can't see that. It's not a buck. Russell wilson. It's not a ram. You wanna talk about Russell shore. But more than big bend since two thousand four of his era. And it's not a nine hundred not a cardinal. I mean, look, I know we like crapping on big bend a lot. But. Of his era. I mean, if we're including including the middle if we're including the middle of the nineties now, we're talking about the end of Elway. Now, you're opening things up here. No two thousand four on. Russell Wilson has been around for six years. I mean, you can't. I mean, you're talking about somebody who's done it if fourteen years. Yeah. NFL MVP since oh four Peyton Manning at the quarterback. Peyton Manning Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers Cam Newton. Matt ryan. So you wanna put an Rogers, and you put in Rogers and Philip and leave big out you could do that. He says he's putting you lying there. I mean. Can't do that. Breeze Brady Payton manning since two thousand four there's no argument. There's no argument. Now, you can have an argument for the next two. But then Ben has got to be in the top five. Don't you think think I would always five a I would have Aaron Rodgers Phillip or in there, but Philip isn't gonna Super Bowl. I would have Aaron Rodgers for Ben five Philip six. Yeah. I can't argue with that. But Cam Jordan is definitely lit up. Man. I wish he'd set up before Ben's radio show. All right. And we'd put the x-ray Ray on it. But it's inconclusive. All right..

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