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And he's a fan. That's a really nice wine aircraft the control feel to it is really solid. It's a quiet airplane. Extremely fuel efficient American has twenty four of the max aids. It's ordered more than six. More over the next few years southwest and United also fly the max, but Goldberg was stunned to learn that a new automated flight control system called M S may have caused the crashes. We were not informed gist of the cash system, not to mention how to deal with any particular malfunctions that might occur with that senators pressed government officials about that this week, and although Boeing has announced a software upgrade, it could take months until regulators around the world approved the plane to fly both the airlines and Boeing need each other to succeed the other major producer of fuel-efficient single-aisle aircraft is Europe's Airbus and it also has thousands of planes to build pan says, even if airlines like Indonesia's guru could get out of their contracts would not have the capacity to fulfill these orders financial advisor, Susan Kaplan says she still has confidence in Boeing it's got more than a century of aviation experience. And until these two crashes it had a stellar safety. Eckard? It's also probably too big to fail their businesses. So many whether the fighter jets helicopters guided weapons satellites, they're just an enormous colossus. And the assumption in the field is they'll fix it. American southwest and United all say, they're sticking to their orders. The stakes are high southwest revised its revenue forecast downward for this quarter in part because of the Boeing groundings Germany's T U I group did as well and Lufthansa says it will soon replace at least one hundred single-aisle planes, and it hasn't decided whether to go with Boeing or its rival Airbus, but CEO karston spor says we have not lost our trust in Boeing Daniele Chesler NPR news. This is NPR news. Support for WNYC comes from Atlantic theater company, presenting the US premiere of the mother.

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