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California. Visit one of their retail locations hit up their website to see where they're at. I liked their port wine. Niimi location. It's a good excuse to drive your sports car. It's a good destination if you're not in california. Don't have access to these types of delightful goodies legally just give them a follow on instagram tradecraft farms and tradecraft underscore farms. They've taken a pretty much the same place. They own them both or at fire. If you just want to keep it. Real simple at fire tradecraft farms of the official provider of such delightful floral goodies. This entire podcast. All right folks on this episode of the show. Gareth reynolds is in studio. This dude is one half of the dollar podcast which is My favorite podcasts. Listen to the zach turned me onto a few years ago. He's a stand up. Comedian a cultural critic and a student of history that went into it knowing nothing about history. we talk about all kinds of stuff trigger warning if you are schrager d- by discussions of lefty politics. This is your trigger warning gareth reynolds on the tire. Podcast dude i appreciate you coming down. Thank you thanks for having me is when you get that blue check mark on twitter you start talking to is being like. Hey i'm a fan. And i am not as much of a creep as you. Someone without one of these things now. I think twitter and social media so stupid but yeah. That is one of the perks of the blue check. I'm like oh who mad alright separates a little bit from the riffraff. Yeah slightly you. Just people who are also fantastic to are not verified. And there's riffraff certified dude. Well the story of my blue check. Mark is one of irrevelant really privilege. My wife works at twitter. Oh wow and. I've been on twitter. Actively actively posting i've got like thirty eight thousand tweets since two thousand nine. Okay no blue checkmark. Never my wife got a job at twitter. And i literally bugged her boss without even asking her like yo. What about this. But that seems pretty much how it goes in a lotta ways get more like it was privilege. It wasn't like tonight. I need you to gobert. Instagram to retire for twitter stanford screen on instagram audit. Shadily by a guy who. Dm to me and was like. I'll get you boo checkmark for three fifty. And i was like all right. Me and van nuys did really. Yeah you might. You might have to link me up with this guy. Because i don't know what i have to do. This was like ten years ago. But yeah that's how i did He's totally going to be like. Yeah i don't do that anymore. I tried to email them for someone else. A year ago and i went into the void. Yeah but dude for real. The dollop is the only podcasts. That i listen to every single episode. Wow all right. I feel like that show has like slowly replaced the wrong history that i was taught in high school. That's how i feel like people a lot of times. We'll be like commenting on what they like about the show. And i'm like yeah. I'm in the same boat. I literally am like sitting there going like wait what you know like i hear it all for the first time too. It's just people hear me hear it. Yeah but there are. So i feel that too. I feel like you know. I always found it so like you know you here. You've heard over the years like people say things and i would hear like your indoctrinated and you know like what is that even and then you you do as the more you go through at the more you go my god like if this is calculated which it in some way has to be odds are so. It's crazy it's crazy. I mean there was no like the fact that white people white people just named shit they renamed shit they found nothing and they're just like the person who copier like road stuff or just like patent locate enshrining wind. Can i call it. Zach zach wine and that's others jake wine. I don't know if you've seen the jake wine. There is a wine called jake. And i'm always like this guy what's his deal. He's also like fever reputation washing of industrialists based on their monuments. Like you come to la and it's the getty museum you go. Oh they're left museum. That must be good a good man. We good like wow actually hang on lunatic. Yeah narcissist a real problem actually know and are over. Yeah i mean that is one of the things about the show that was also super striking was like you know i you know i like As far as politics goes you know. I do not really trust anyone in government but when trump was there i was like. This isn't an anomaly. And it's like no already you. You've had versions of all this stuff before it's because we don't learn about it that we really don't learn from well that w- that for me was kind of like sort of hang on. How did we get here. Yeah is part of what drove me to read a lot of things. Yeah from interesting. People who i found on twitter like you follow kevin crus- on twitter kevin gannon on twitter historians. And and then zach was like. Hey you should. You should listen to the show. It's about history but you know it's shit that you they don't put in the books. Yeah it's like my fourth grade teacher never like. Here's how firefighters began. yeah he's one of the episodes. We're after that was like matt. You need to listen to or like the way like they integrated cars into the street like people are just getting you know you just never think like wait. There was a time where people like wouldn't pay attention to cars. Yeah yeah when cars started like integrating cars into the street was impossible rules. There was no standards. I like what are you gonna do about it. We're gonna kill you. you know. Close to pilot to bump is. What do you want this. But there's there's so many of those. I mean there's just there are so many things where you just don't even like wearing pants. Just that could that's the was in pretty fine right. It's like oh god. Like wearing pants was not okay. Yeah women wearing pants. My god a lot of ankle there. Yeah watch us out. And so it's you know it's hard to figure out where you start a podcast from especially one. That's got hundreds and hundreds of episodes zach zach. Where do i started going to start at one. Yeah start one and work your way forward because you you and i and like three days later i was like he's out. I'm at thirty. Yeah because it's you start hearing these stories and and you dave do an excellent job of telling them and making them fun But you just go this it. Oh this is who we are. We are definitely this the cr- and should like seem so familiar. It's it's it's it goes on again and again and again and yeah i mean you know it it i mean look you know it has. It's so weird because the show in many ways is just it's just a few things naturally like the idea of the component of telling. His story is what it is but the idea that i know nothing about history and the idea. That davis sorta teach me and then the idea that i'm going in totally cold and all these. There's just a lot of elements that are just like a real time improv class. Yeah i mean. It's an really like it like that. You know i. I've been doing comedy in many variations for years. And like the my favorite thing to do would be to just be like bullshit with friends like that was always like and that you could do improv. But it really wasn't the same because there was an element of pretend they're and stuff like that and instead it's like we. Now have this this show. Where like dave. Just he's up this crazy shit. An is a guy who just loves like doing bits. Just can't really help myself. But but those first ones are so crazy like the shores hundred are really really really nuts like they are develops a little bit of a theme of you know us for stem but but evolves. It's like a living thing in her weird weird way but to what you're saying about like know these like thanksgiving is a thing that you just like you know thanksgiving is fucked but you still have. Thanks it's like after doing that. Episodes like man. I'd just like i don't think i literally like we gotta pull the plus. You know what i mean like. What the fuck. Why are we celebrate. Every individual aspect of this is horrible. Yeah no i mean. It's just i mean and you know there are certainly people who when they listen to the show that goes just like shit on white people a lot and it's like it feels okay to do that..

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