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Water safety tells ABC it could cause a spike in what according to the centers for disease control is already the leading cause of death among those twenty four and under drownings WGN sports committee has selected Merion holds up to the class of twenty twenty hockey hall of fame help the Blackhawks to three Stanley cups former Blackhawks defenseman Doug Wilson also made it in this year spent fourteen of sixteen seasons with the hawks won the NHL's Norris trophy after the nineteen eighty one eighty two season Major League Baseball players report to training camp July first the regular season starts three weeks later the league sent teams a sixty game schedule late Tuesday Major League Soccer has unveiled its schedule in group stage match ups for its so called back turn it starts in Orlando July eighth the Chicago fire now learning it'll play Nashville soccer club first followed by inter Miami July fourteenth in New York City football club July nineteenth NFL's Washington Redskins organization is removing former owner George Preston Marshall from its ring of fire and is in the process of deleting all references to him from its web site a spokesman confirms Marshall's name's already been removed from the team's history wall at its training facility it's also removed his name from its stadium in Landover Maryland team spokesman says it's cutting ties with Marshall's racist legacy he refused to edit great by signing black players until forced to do so in nineteen sixty two convict Vaughn on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN T..

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