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Of course a great Saturday then the Browns are going down to Pittsburgh to win on Sunday after we talk with them to Joe I have gotten permission to tell you I got my DM from that maybe the happiest man in America a Joe though with a bit of hers first hello Joe hello Hugh you know I saw the whole conversation things where we're booked a table in a monastery so have a nice dinner there alright here we go and the poems for thanksgiving for a dozen years or more and I still have it included all the things I'm thankful for I might need to keep on writing rhyming for another ten and counting to express how with each passing year my gratitude is mounting to the host for his indulgence in those weeks I pen a bad one and of course to his producer I mean if the program had one to the listeners to tune in and my wife who likes my looks to my wise political science and the folks who bought my books to my son who's working harder than I ever saw him study how might told you how impressive what you're doing is good buddy to my parish friends and neighbors who each Sunday that ice up with my California citizens and all that they put up with to our fire fighting heroes how I wish I knew your names I would tell a grateful nation how you saved our state from flames to our fighting men and women who make up our nation's treasure and to those in the line of duty who give us their last full measure may the way we thank you daily indicate how we have striven to be diligent and worthy of the gifts that we've been given to all the friends to help me and to those who I befriended it's okay for you to smile my thanks giving poem has ended that's happy thanksgiving from tears at the Joe Joe that is just wonderful I just always is that will be posted in Tarzana Joe dot com it is it is it already is and people can send their thanks to Joe personally it turns into Joe at Reagan dot com and get their poetry need to dress Joe happy thanksgiving to you and yours thank you very much now I have to do the big reveal all right doesn't I I mention one thing that I got a DM that maybe the happiest man in America but I couldn't tell you was because the threat message so I got permission granted you can tell people she knew big fan listen everyday urban see that come into I'm urban Meyer that's exactly right rivalry week and I am so yeah urban Meyer was I think taught by my cousin Bonnie Tarantino at St Johns high school Eddie is the best football coach an American college football and I'm going to have an existential crisis to be takes the U. S. C. job I really am but that's who they need and I I I I I love the fact he put his family had of his love for the game and I was that I just love everything about the guy and urban Meyer happy thanksgiving to you thank you brought me to help people he added though he added U. N. Prager are the very best ever I'm the happiest guy in America he added educating America on objective truth not narratives I teach a class on leadership and Fisher I share your thoughts and facts often keeps going in American made you happy thanksgiving predator will hold that over me for the rest of his life I'll do you realize that when you shuffle this mortal coil what's going to happen if you were going to be buried on the wrong side of the grass they're going to put the tombstone on you it is going to say here lies Dennis press you know what that is just perfect I wouldn't put it past urban Meyer and out perfect that is it's a perfect played in the day right called the perfect place to score on the last five seconds of the show but Dennis Prager will enjoy that they got to get urban Meyer to make a I Prager you video hi leadership because that would be just perfect and the rite aid go that let's go out with the rivalry song there are other robberies in America but there ain't there ain't nothin like Ohio state Michigan there isn't I do want to say thank you on thanksgiving genuinely Adam young man is no longer young and the band who is now a pro though he was a rookie that'll long gray line of interns that extends back and of course the generally to mow the producer who isn't and most of all the fetching misses you it makes it all very very possible love you sweetie end of my wonderful family and their spouses and every man and woman serving abroad tonight or deployed scenes that anyone anywhere thank you for the blue line that protects us from the firefighters who answered the call tomorrow if anything goes amiss thanks to everybody you protect everybody god bless America what a great thanksgiving it is of.

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