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Jackson and. I do that I. Know that especially there Mark Jackson high. You know I've been hi. Mark Jackson us. Awesome job. He definitely deserves it. For out here though man scoop. Everybody did what any latest. What's your latest projects? You may be having to come up where they can find those meted up of projects. Within everybody's pandemic shock Jamie Anderson. TIKI barber. A kindle, he'll. Base it on. Senior Writer Dot Com and I guess you could say I'm a writer emeritus still at Basketball Society Work My, which is also in a lot of. Things coming up in the next Marcus over the bubble, happening was TV opportunities and some. Of You. Look out for that as your. Of definitely man and obviously everyone to. Can listen to me. Listen to the podcast on. ONE ANCHOR AS LOSS! Of other podcasts platforms, and you can check me on on social media as well. On twitter at Jay Hicks reports to in its agreement. Josh. School. Always my brother appreciate you. Coming on the podcast by the has more than welcome anytime and hopefully next time will be real stone and. I gotTa make us goofy radio to man I. Definitely got. Shit pursue. McMahon in the meantime we radio DOT COM get a lot of stuff coming away. That Ray everything. If it does not talk to you, so my brother. Take Care Comedy of this love. You bring the Towfighi bring addicting..

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