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He other uh here we have are much easily different night we have a leak john different parties the water and the other night we were out while we were out you know five hours a fishing or wind direction completely changed direction twilight you don't know what to do and you know there's a lot of people that have been told over the years and uh a lot of people even already pay all shedding a win beat you shore why well you have to have the win beating next door for a certain amount of time for to have any effect on it at all the rush over there because the wind your change 10minute the goal isn't going to do anything i myself rather thirsty shoreline good i'm comfortable fishy what and where i have bought ten cool under those situations pushing usually what you use to you talked up ever are you look gathered for shrimps i definitely believe in patterns and out and nl fisher now look for certain pattern and it's time to pay off and it i am the door i you know there's just so many things that can affect the pattern ford off early really i wonder if you're gonna look for if you are a pattern fishermen is some and then she if you get concerts busy at no weather then you can start to look for patterns and actually have a pattern you put together.

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