What Rush Limbaugh Said About Echo Chambers


Rush Limbaugh used to talk about an echo chamber And what he meant by that was he would say things and then a day or two later They would essentially be repeated by others And TV and radio The Rush Limbaugh was one of my big buddies I see that happening with me Don't you mister producer And it's happening a lot And used to tell me well you know it's flattering It's not flattering It's plagiarism He said but there's nothing you can do about it Rush worked very hard at his job I worked very hard at mine Mister producer do you write anything from me Open the microphone Do I have writers Nope Does anybody write my opening statements for my commentary Anybody No right from your head And if we had mister TV producer here whether it be Levin TV or life liberty and Levin I don't use teleprompters I write little notes to myself from time to time I don't have writers All these other hosts do I don't So yeah I find it annoying but even my wife says what are you going to do about it Okay But I've been pointing out now that whomever the Republicans eventually rally around president Trump Ron DeSantis the crews cotton just down the list They're going to go after them The Democrats are going to go after them with guns blazing

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