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Yeah. And he's, he's cost controlled. He is a good number. That's one that I thought the dodgers should've gone gone all in for that would have been a great long. He's from here where to go. He went to school here, went to school at oaks, Christian oaks Christian right FREDDY Freeman are not Lorenzo Cain is on there for the national. Yeah, right Lorenzo. Cain is also in the mix, but I would go with yellow China. Then outfield as opposed to Lorenzo Cain. Yeah, but I think that that's the one thing you can point to is at least Paul Goldschmidt is still trying to play through the tape to win the MVP. I think the dodgers are going to are going to roll over the Padres this weekend. They should well if they do their magic number is eight. So if they win, they cannot clinch at home if they win every game, right, and the Rockies lose every game. They would still have imagined number of two, so means they can only clinch the division on the road. They will clinch it in either San Francisco, arizon-, Arizona, hopefully in Arizona, San Francisco's. The last series of the year we would love them to get their time. We want him to be mailing it in by then and hopefully have home field in the first round of the playoffs against the Braves. That's the other team to watch right now, and, oh, in here you go. Who do the who do the Rockies get after they get. Arizona Braves for four. Well, see now we have conflicting into now. We have conflicting interests because we want the, we went to take it back. It's Phillies. You're right. It is Phillies. Okay. So that makes it easier. Yeah. No, that's much easier. Would have been the Braves, punched them out. Yeah, but I, you know, the dodgers have a better record on the road than they do at home. So hopefully advantages, selfishly be fun to have the crowd, the games here, but I don't think it makes it ton of difference to the dodgers. Yeah, I really want to games here. Last year we had home field throughout it worked out. Perfect. Well, the end not so much that last game, but it was perfect up until then I would like to have home field. I think there's a boost opening any series with I two games at home. It's not so much how many games you get. It's those first two is a is a big bonus. All right. Coming back next, a little bit about what is going to make Washington state so difficult to handle for USC tonight and what if and I don't think it's going to happen, but if Washington state wins, what happens next Mason, Ireland ESPN LA. Hey, listen to this, but from hat is until midnight yesterday from halftime of that jets Browns game until midnight yet. Baker Mayfield sold more NFL merchandise than the next two top players sold all day combined. Wow. According to fanatics. The next two top players were Khalil Mack and Tom Brady I saw a guy with a bigger Mayfield jersey and Starbucks today when I walked in. Yeah, wow. That's fast. So that is lightning in a bottle, but, but according to Hugh Jackson, he needs to look at the tape. Yes, to see a figure acre should start again, hard to say. All right, man. Robert Lucero no accidentally Mike's Juarez yell at went to Westlake high, not oaks Christian right next to each other. But yes, we'll wait the right Nixon. He's a rivals. You can't get that wrong. Get that one wrong. Who got to get that one right? So here's first of all a little preview of the game tonight. I don't know if you've heard this, but Mike Leach likes to throw the football. Needs a little nuts and he's a little nut. So the air raid comes, the Coliseum is an expert on pirates. Yes..

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