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Electoral College victory is official despite everything that happened yesterday. It was ratified by Congress very early this morning after the process was delayed because of the storming of the capital Como's manufacture reports. There are a lot of questions about how those trump supporters made it inside the halls of Congress in the first place. The U. S Capitol is said to be one of the most secure buildings in the country. So what happened? You have to look at this colossal Law enforcement, security failure. ABC Crime and Terrorism analyst Brad Garrett wonders if the Capitol police were told by someone to avoid a militaristic approach cannot imagine. In my mind that the Capitol police didn't go. This could really go bad and we won't be prepared before there with basically sawhorses that air 4 ft high that anybody could step over and only us And we don't even have on riot gear. Four people died during the chaos, including one woman who was shot. Manda Factor. Cuomo News We're your kids watching TV or were they online yesterday when the mob took over the U. S. Capitol, Kumble's Carleen Johnson has some advice from a child psychologist on how parents can talk to their kids about what happened. Last year's brought anxieties and fears for all of US and mental health experts. Have been warning parents that for some kids, it has been overwhelming and then seeing the madness of yesterday we had hoped that you would do what's right Constitution. Dr. Laura Gerrick, a pediatric psychologist with Akron Children's Hospital till W. K. Y C. It's good to offer reassurance that they're okay and safe. She says. Don't shut them down. If they do want to talk about it still just miss it, But once you've validated, Yes, this is unusual, and this is big. So let's talk about it, especially parents with older kids were on social media, and we're most certainly exposed to what happened. She says. You should start the conversation by asking. What are your friends saying about what happened? What are you feeling about it a young people who were already feeling anxious or depressed, she says. Those are the ones to really be checking in. With Carleen Johnson coma news warning this week from the local scientist who's been accurately predicting covert death rates. Don't mess with the vaccine. Doctor Alley mock dad with the UW Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation is justice eager as you are in control of this bias and not allow it to mutate. He's also heard some theories about giving just 50% doses of the vaccine. We're skipping the second injection altogether. Yes, we're in a hurry. But mock dad cautions. This is not supported by enough research that closes We should not skip the second immunization. What's worse if people aren't fully does to this point along this violence to stay in one person for a longer time, because whatever we took against it measures like a vaccine is not enough to just get rid of it. That virus couldn't read a booze in the same person for a longer time. Not only is he urging you to receive the vaccine when it's your time, but to get both full injections to prevent disaster down the road. Ryan Calvert. Camo News governor. Insley unveils his new Healthy Washington plan for reopening, but his co Mohs Eric Hynes, reports, some local elected officials say they didn't get an opportunity to provide their input. Yeah, come on, County Commissioner Amanda McKinney says. The governor consulted health doctors and health officers, along with the state Department of Health and Tribes. She says she reached out to the governor's office on multiple occasions asking to be involved in developing the reopening plan at the local level. Yakima County commissioners have had conversations with local health administrator was voiced his opposition to it. Response. The state says Yakima County officials have provided their input multiple times and has been determined insufficient to control the virus. Eric Heights coma News The new regional plan for reopening some businesses in this state starts Monday. But some say it's not possible to meet the metrics for regions to move forward. Here's call most damning Natasa under the new plan. Our status split into a region's based on health system resource is There's two reopening phases, and every region is starting in phase one to get to face to a region has to meet these four metrics, a 10% decrease in case rates and covert 19 hospital admission rates over a two week period. And I see you occupancy rate less than 90% and test positivity rates of less than 10%. These parameters are very, very difficult. Republican State Senator John Brown says he doesn't think the metrics are attainable or fair for businesses like restaurants, which are banned from Indore dining until we reach face to Cuomo's Tammy Mortaza. Coming up in about five minutes here on coma News. We expect a press briefing from the White House. Kayleigh Mcenany, the press secretary, is expected to address members of the media unclear if anybody else is gonna be coming to the podium, we'll carry it live when it happens here on coma news, just as we did this morning when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke and soon to be majority leader, Chuck's leaders Chuck Schumer, Spoke about wanting the president to resign or the 25th amendment to be invoked, or Congress to forcibly remove the president from the White House after the storming of the capital yesterday. Will warn you that the White House press conferences recently have been full of miss truths and half truths. So if it gets to be too much, we may end up cutting away But we will go to it when it begins. Come on, Whose time to 10, not five minutes away. First, though an update on sports from the beacon plumbing sports desk, the Huskies Koop's Zags They all have Thursday night Basketball games. Top right done defeat against Daggett..

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