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The floor and guerriel doubles and three runs commit from put my right oh man so put a fifth but backup on the on the couch because laid down at sixty seven thinning judge gets up when if i put my foot on the floor which could have i swear i swear the home run i said i put my leg up i said i'm going to put it down for dd see what happens if a triple i'm telling you the truth of not making this up and incentives comes up i do the same thing put the foot down santa's hits the sacrifice fly makes it now 4 two i think i've done my part because i said i enough mega doing what could maybe i got something left i'll save it for another night maybe not this purely coincidence he says but that's what happened and i think will with something then maybe this is the time for the yankees because you make three hours you have bone meal based running goof and almost base running goof maybe you're not supposed to win but then judge comes alive and sanchez gets behind the plate he goes the da thin he comes alive and todd little league fraser keeps do in his thing i mean this energy on the field of energy in the stands i guess seattle has the twelve man i i guess the yankee fans of the ten th man i was gonna say the 26th mammoth a dozen that they are the th man everybody here talks about the earthquake is going on in the bronx with a is remember the old rfk stadium i did a fight there once in but i remember when the redskins would play there and the upper deck would just be bouncing i said man i hope they use good steel and the king iii collapse but it would be wild watching and it in competitive the old yankee stadium little but but it's just the the sound for people who've been nick that i don't think you get the.

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