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When he first signed with Atlanta? You know I asked him. Him like you're bound for the hall of fame, you don't have a championship. You haven't really come close to winning a championship. He's never played an NBA finals game. Why go this route? Why sign with a team like Atlanta? And he said that's just not part of his DNA I. He never wanted to be that Fifteenth Man on the bench shoe would never play a game if he was going to wintering, he wanted to win it being a contributor. Won't so Vince Carter might not have gotten the send off that he expected or deserved, but it certainly was beautiful. Can you walk us through? What might have been his final NBA game last Wednesday? So the NBA announced the suspension of the season, it was it was in the fourth order. Is out tonight that it is suspended. Until further notice that will have more detail. It's suck me like fifteen ish minutes after that to realize that this is probably Vince. Carter's final game, so the fans I think when the fans saw that the NBA announced that the season was going to be suspended. A lot of them were channing. We want Vince. We want Vince..

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