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Have you ever heard of the Tropical Smoothie Cafe? I have no no. Next up is the Myrtle Beach Ball 21st. Then we go famous Idaho Potato. Quick, quick to his murder. Beautiful. I wonder if the Myrtle Beach balls going Have a situation like the the Malibu. What's our What's the basketball tournament playing right now? The Maui and potential, But you're letting it get like the Myrtle Beach Open from from Paris, Texas. Actually, no joke. It's in Conway, South Carolina. It's actually in Myrtle Beach. So yeah. Walton was doing those games. Did you get you get some water? I got a piece of wall of Yeah, he's doing those from home. Is that right? Yeah. I don't think they're Yeah, nobody that I can confirm. Is he really don't? He said maybe somebody tweeted out and said Walton from home is as delightful as Walton. Whatever decent person decent kind of yesterday. Actually did. Kentucky changes a team actually watching Stanford hoops. Believe it or not getting pushed on the spread. Did Stanford or there were four point dogs? They lost by four? Yeah. Look at that. And they got Indiana this morning. Ready for this 10 30 in the morning. Let's go. What if I offer you 10? 30 in the morning, Stanford, Indiana. And then, of course, NFL Game day at 12. 4. Are you ready? Football. I woke up one morning Twitter. First thing I have left my phone in the first two years. I was one of my NFL guys. Here's good morning. It's game day. It's look, It's great, but I can't wait. We're gonna get off. I'm gonna cruise home and I'm gonna I'm gonna sink in my couch for a little football and guys on that note. We should get going. But you know what they say Polly. Any given Wednesday. Dude, any given Wednesday you are listening to NPR can be a ref in San Francisco. The sports lead armor from Mac. It's game day starts. Now let's do it. Good morning and welcome to the KNBR morning show with Brian Murphy and all my Cab Ridge on KNBR. Sports Leave here live from the KNP. Our studios sponsored by Reno's Grand Sierra Resort and Casino. Here's Murph in back over that day and left me with the Gold Nugget 11 75 Rose Bowl from when coach picked up that program. USC beat Ohio State right, There's a time and childhood man. January 1 you flipped on the Rose Bowl. Here came SC and they would be there playing Ohio State or Michigan. Sprinkle in the occasional hit for the Washington Huskies. Don James Washington Huskies and then the very rare Terry Donahue U C. L. A Bruins, But for a while, there was only three teams going. It was S E Washington and U C L A. And that's it, buddy. No other teams were going Then things changed and Morgan took over. And then that means Stanford went to a fuse in Wisconsin out there once in awhile show. Yeah, Yeah, for sure. By the way, I have trivia for you here, buddy. Okay. When was the last NFL's last Wednesday game? There was a Wednesday game. I mean, could you at least narrow it down to a decade? Or this decade. Oh, my God. Well, actually, technically, it's 2020 so last decade, Okay, although are you one of these people who believe the decades starts with one or the zero? Because that is very questionable out there. You know, I would say it starts with the zero because, like, if you're talking, so would I. But there are people out there. They will fight.

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