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Easy it is to file a claim with geico. We hired a soap opera star. Gracious me like our has storm damage. I to file a claim could possibly get worse when my claims team leave me for someone else. Someone less intense. No actually when you file a claim with geico you get your dedicated claims team. Who promises to stay with you throughout the process. I've never known such loyalty. I can't wait for the second season. Geico great service without all the drama. It's time for the pocket. Protector centrum the analytic numbers. You need to know well. Maybe anthony masterson is his name. Bs analytics is gay. What do you got for me. Anthony with the padres fernando totti's junior once again announcing his presence off the i l. with authority for the third time this season a to homer dana is. I came back on sunday. The nl mvp odds are once again back. Kentucky's his favor. If there were ever pointed somewhere else the padres shortstop has unequivocally been the best player in the national league when he's been on the field this season but what does that meant for the padres as a team. Well it's hard to figure out but the padres have been a fairly average offense even when taty has been healthy this season middle of the pack in the nfl and runs extra base. hits home runs. Their and walk. Rates are elite. Don't really jive with the talent on the roster. In fact as of august sixteenth the padres were just forty seven and forty two in games in which totti's appeared of five twenty eight win percentage and twenty and twelve games. He missed a six twenty five. Win percentage no one. Here's singapore are better off without totti's it's just a fun. Statistical oddity only seemed to get in baseball. It also got me thinking but which players have been a part of the most victories this season not the best players necessarily but the ones whose teams have won the most in their outings. No surprise with the league's best record. The giants on the top two spots at stanford has won two thirds of mike. You stransky's one. Hundred games played but number three on that list. Switch teams during the season. As a brewers willie adamas went from tampa to milwaukee and seen his teams go seventy five and forty in his presence. Now hopefully can stay on the field over the season's final six weeks to. I don't know maybe bump that team win percentage up a bit. That was sarcasm was a big week in the big leagues for is it fair and now from. Mlb bro dot com. Here's jr gamble. We're mac sure's it was traded to the dodgers from the nets shortstop trade turner was considered like a throw in player in the blockbuster deal and is overlooked when mentioning the elite shortstops in the game. Jr is foul boys. It fair to say that turner will shed the underrated tag this season as a member of the dodgers fair trade. Turner was one of the best. Kept secrets baseball along the nationals. He gets high average in fact. He said for the cycle three times. He's a world champion and he's fast as head swiping more than thirty basis in four out of six full seasons in three forty two as a rookie and never sent his power. Numbers have been increasing. The shortstop position is a glamour position of fortunately and san fernando tap. Teeth came into the league. He's been the all-star that position in the national league and turn is modest. Power numbers have caused people to overlook his all around game. He's like a throwback he says seasons of forty three and forty six deals and is approaching the twenty twenty mar as a member of the star. Studded dodgers turn his already more popular being appreciated for everything from the way. He hits in fields to the way he slides. He's a gamer. He's all over social media as the dodgers fight for the nfl west. La was the perfect place for god. Who made his first all star game this season and just needed to get on the dodgers superstar radar to get full props money into more money though. It's time for betting on the basis with dave guests. Guy that money. Got that money. Roberts a brand-new week. We came off a stellar performance. A weekend to go and we continue that trend. Today with the new york. Mets and the los angeles dodgers. Elliot's trying to keep pace the san francisco giants that never seemed to want to lose and the dodgers also lit up the mets last weekend. Sweep in them. At city field would turn over the page to shabas ravine yet. Max sure on the mound versus carlos kuranda in this pitching matchup. I'm all over this thing. Dodgers in a victory and that affair at the new york. Yankees are riding high right now. You go from july to august and potential. See what happens in september. They fly down not only boston but also tampa bay rays in the american league east division. I'm going with the yankees in this. When they take on the minnesota twins first pitch is at seven. Oh five eastern speaking of that. I'm also looking at the white sox in the raise this will be a stellar matchup michael walker lucas gio lido in the pitching matchup. I liked tampa. i liked to chicago. White sox both with good offenses and pretty solid pitching staffs. I'm taking the under in this one. Under with the white sox the raise that game number three for us. Rob him out takeout. Though it's time for trash talk twitter your chance to trash anyone or anything in major league baseball this week for trash talking. We got a number of nominations including the baltimore orioles as a team kenley jansen of the dodgers closer but this week's winner comes from coups mma burner at kuzma burner and he sent me this quote. Steve cohen clowning his players. For going through a slum that's right. Kuzma burner is ripping mets owner. Steve cohen who took to twitter to blast his team. If you wanna be on trash talk next week. Hit me up on my twitter at rob parker f s one. When rob was a newspaper columnist he lived by this motto. If i'm writing i'm rippin. Let's bring in a writer. Broadcaster older new now. Let's welcome into the podcast. A friend of mine and the tv voice of the seattle mariners. Dave sims dave. Welcome to the podcast era. Windy here put me man. Thank you so much for shit. No doubt always good. Hey the team that you do night in and night out. They got a shot at the playoffs. And they're playing some good baseball. Tell me about the mariners and dave. Can they make the playoffs. Oh yeah they can make the playoffs. They're going to need help. But i'd say this is one of the fest situations we've had in the wild four back in the wild card race. this was a team that when you look at it on paper you're like okay nice team but you know nothing you know. That's gonna scare the pants off your next thing you know you know. They're they're sitting at a really good position. Sixty four fifty six and they have had outstanding performances out of a bunch of guys in the bullpen. And i don't think many people have heard of and the other thing that's really been outstanding. They've been anywhere from two to seven in the major leagues runners in scoring position batting average Lot of clutch hits and this ball club. And i think that's The bullpen and the questioning has been really good big reasons and also the Starting pictures come around too..

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