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Qatar has of new breaking news in the russian investigation jim what are you learning oh that's right anderson this goes back to that a conversation we've been reporting on over the last couple of days about two four foreign policy adviser george pompidou capitalists raising this idea this prospect of a meeting between our then candidate trump and russian president putin this was at that to national security advisory board meeting back in march of 2016 we had heard only from sources about this conversation up until now but we can report anderson that one of the attendees in the room a former national security official judy gordon if you're looking at this a picture right now on screen peterson obviously there is a george pompidou apple is in the middle others donald trump uh on the end and jeff sessions is on the near under the table right in between jeff sessions and george pompidou novelists is jd gordon he's a former national security official for the trump campaign was obviously at that meeting that day he now says to us on the record jaidee gordon that then candidate trump heard him out a referring to george papa dopoulos that then candidate trump heard out papa dopoulos as pitch about then candidate trump meeting with russian president vladimir putin of course we would reporting senator sessions and now attorney general sessions at that time knocked down the idea uh and of course all of this is a very big interest to the special counsel's office because they want to know what the president's reaction was in the room that day and according to jaidee gordon are at the very least he heard him out.

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