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Station. Thirty one degrees on a windy cold night down to twenty two in the city teens in several suburbs. Wind chills could dip into the single digits. WCBS news time eight three another day. Another plan for the mayor to offer a unique benefit to city workers. WCBS reporter it slams has came to light in today's state of the city address noting that nearly half of New York City's workforce numbering two million people does not have an employer sponsored retirement plan. Mayor de Blasio announced the city will establish retirement plans for any worker who does not have one. You'll be able to set aside a small portion of your paycheck. Watch it grow over the years and take it with you from job to job. His honor also announced a brand new city department to help renters the city's worst landlords will have a new sheriff to fear the mayor's office to protect tenants. The also announced rapid expansions of the three K. An NYC ferry programs and disclosed there will soon be dedicated, bustling, tow. Trucks, the help buses run more quickly at the mayor's state of the city, rich, lamb WCBS, NewsRadio eighty this. Weekend scheduled demolition of the old tappan Zee bridge is on hold strong winds over the past couple of days prevent it necessary prep-work when possible the bridges east anchor span will be taken down with explosives. No word yet on one. It'll happen when it does the taps replacement ramps to the new Mario Cuomo bridge will be temporary closed the official cause of death has pending, but it's widely suspected the man who streamed a desperate video from the Patterson police station five days ago, probably died of bacterial meningitis now WCBS reporter, Sean Adams says the mayor and others who had contact with a man are taking precautions once it was confirmed that Jimmy Lowry was gravely ill with meningitis Patterson's may. Mayor and police director Jerry Speziale went straight to Saint Joseph's medical center for antibiotic treatment. I'm worried about my police officers. I'm worried about people.

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