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Cases in Florida bring the U. S. death toll from covert nineteen to at least seventeen ABC's Jason Nathanson says worries about the virus prompt officials in Austin Texas to make a major decision by southwest the massive movie TV music and tech conference has been losing big names right and left of the last week from Netflix to Ozzy Osborne all pulling out over corona virus concerns now the city's canceled the ten day event which was supposed to start next week just to be safe the thought is that with four hundred thousand people traveling to Austin from all over the world it could create a dangerous disease spreading environment the Austin hasn't yet seen a confirmed case of code nineteen Seattle's comic con has been postponed until the summer twenty one of the more than three hundred confirmed U. S. cases of the virus or on the grand princess cruise ship off the coast of California passenger Ginny Stoneham is worried now it's just not making it trying to process this information and see what it says are white folks in the next couple weeks more federal money is on the way president signing into law the eight point three billion dollar coronavirus spending bill trump doubling down on his promise to deliver one million cove it nineteen testing kits Washington state has been hit hardest in the U. S. by the outbreak governor Jay Inslee says we are pleased that the U. S. Congress and sending Washington state much more than their thoughts and prayers after Denver ABC news Washington another staff shake up at the White House North Carolina congressman mark meadows is the new chief of staff the now former acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney becomes special envoy to Northern Ireland New York bureau of prisons says a gun was smuggled into a housing unit at the metropolitan correctional center it's the latest in a series of problems at the facility where financier Jeffrey Epstein was found dead by suicide last year the Dow closed down two hundred fifty six point it had been off about nine hundred earlier in the session you're listening to ABC news and I heart radio station news ninety three point one KFBK hi Mike blunt news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. you may have seen local grocery and retail stores sold out of hand sanitizer cleaning wipes and even toilet paper among other central goods as a result of growing concerns due to the novel coronavirus soccer mayor Darrell Steinberg weighed in today saying although there have been several unfortunate and tragic deaths resulting from cove it nineteen in the U. S. public should keep in mind the extremely low mortality rate of the virus the fact remains that about eighty percent of the cases where people are exposed to or or had the virus they don't have any symptoms they don't even have the flu so far in Sacramento county there are five confirmed cases one of which is fully recovered yolo county has declared a state of emergency over corona virus an elderly woman has been diagnosed within health officials say she hadn't travelled overseas or been around anyone who has yolo county public health officer Dr Ron Chapman believes corona virus is widespread in this area and is passed from person to person the same way the cold or flu is yolo county emergency manager Danny Carey says they declared a state of emergency to free up money and resources to respond to the outbreak and could we all soon be working from home not likely but tech giant apple is telling twelve thousand police at its Cupertino campus to work from home if possible a memo issued to staff today says it's following the guidance of public health officials to encourage telecommuting and limiting travel in hopes of controlling the spread of cove in nineteen the memo says apple's offices will remain open but team members are encouraged to stay away if they don't absolutely have to be there hi Mike blunt news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. now here's traffic and weather together good evening eight oh four I'm Bob Williams in the traffic center with an injury crash reported southbound sixty five eighty westbound connected this is the solo vehicle crash understand the vehicle had been driving recklessly before that crash eighty eastbound just west of antelope road reports there of a vehicle in need of a tow truck and I may be there awhile because it's total wreck they're going to get there for a couple of hours reports of a field fire this is state route one sixty eastbound about two miles south west of walnut Grove bridge from what we understand is out in the field not affecting the roadway itself right now we will see reduced lanes on eighty westbound from antelope road the greenback lane that they shouldn't have that work over by now and when we control traffic on the reverse to bridge north Front Street the junction of highway one sixty through five AM and watch for reduced lanes on northbound I. five from Laguna Boulevard to near florin road through eight AM next traffic update eight thirty three traffic on the tens every ten minutes morning sand afternoons Bob Williams news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. for rather cloudy tonight with a bit of drizzle developing toward daybreak lows forty.

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