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CBS NEWS TIME. 6 41 Stan. The Silicon Valley Leadership Group, has a new CEO at the helm case. CBS's Jennifer Hodges reports 40. Niners owner Jed York made the announcement that Ahmad Amos is taking over as the CEO of the Silicon Valley leadership group. And, most important, my heart he was a high school quarterback, so if we need to call upon the bench and bring somebody in for the Niners this year, Ahmad's already got the playbooks and he's he's ready to roll. At a press conference to announce his new position, Thomas was asked about how the leadership group can attract smaller businesses. To its membership Specifically, when you look at black and brown, you know Latin Next entrepreneurs, there is oftentimes a lack of ability for mentorship at a level that can actually lead to visibility and funding. Thomas served as an aide to Senator Dianne Feinstein for five years. Jennifer Hodges, KCBS 6 42 KCBS, Susan, I've just been running down the messages that have come in on social media. Since we let the cat not your cat could just that You've got cats but the proverbial cat out of the bag the other day. This one just came in this morning. Please pass this on to Susan. For the past few years have enjoyed listening to you and stand in the morning on KCBS few years. It's been 20 You'll be missed in the morning as the Navy that we have a saying When one retires May you have fair winds and following seas, and I couldn't Agree with that more. You know, Stan, I've gotta confess. I've been blown away. You posted mentioned that I was going to be retiring and I posted something on social media. And you know, I expected maybe a handful of people to say, Oh, good luck. Have a good time. I've been blown away by the response. Not just people saying good luck and have a good time. But talking about you know how they've listened to you and I through the years and they've really enjoyed us and in many cases, we've helped them get through things that were going on in the world that we're just not pleasant. Um and I want to thank everybody who responded. It was really lovely, and I so enjoyed getting your messages. So thank you so much. Well, we work in kind of a weird, isolated world, and it is strange because you don't get a lot of feedback. It's it's not like if you're putting on a player if your musician and you have an audience and you get immediate feedback. Ah, lot of times. You just think. Well, it goes out there. And that's the end of that. Especially these last few months, And I think the hardest thing for me right now is to realize you're not right there. You've always been right there six feet away. But now your whole studio away At least I can see this morning. First couple days. This didn't work so little dicey. I was down the hall but anyway well, all the best, of course, and more to come through the rest of the morning. You should be ready at 9 20 this morning to answer questions because I can now reveal you are today's Ask an expert. Oh, no, That'll be special. This 6 44 kcb coming up on KCBS. I'm Carrie, Who'd a SEC How a Bay Area College is preparing to launch a first in the Nation Associates degree in Cannabis Studies. A CBS News Times, 6.

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