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But certainly as a distributor in a well designed offense and also a guy who can use his legs, there are things you can do with Daniel Jones besides ask him to stand in the pocket while you receivers all bump into each other four yards downfield, which was essentially last year's offense. Did you come up with abracadaniel? It's an adventure time. Nod there. It's no, it's just stolen from adventure time. I don't know why I'm trying to soft play that dimension time is a great show. We should all steal stuff from adventure time. I really like abracadaniel. I think that's just because the name Daniel and Daniel Jones in general just has this very polar opposite to a magician feel to him. You know, he's just like, I'm Daniel, you know? And boy, does this really warms my heart? It makes me very, makes me very happy at a deep level. Man, and no chance of him ending up with the Bengals next year, so no like Daniel Tiger. Nickname coming out. We're gonna have to put all those away. Next generation, when Joe burrow, I don't know, he'll make it to what 20, 39 or so. Before we get another Bengals quarterback. So those dreams are dead for now. What did we say about Carson Palmer? You know? Oh, that's a good point. None of the stuff is guaranteed. The bank is like, do they have any money to give Joe burrow a question mark? I don't know. But anyway. This is a pro dime's podcast. There's no doubt about it. I think that there are people in NFL circles who would take him like if Daniel Jones, we've talked about this. Daniel Jones and Baker Mayfield are both available this off season that they would have preferred to have Daniel Jones. He's big. He's tough. He's only known largely crappy situations, right? Duke, it was less than ideal to play in the ACC with that supporting cast and that offensive line. And with the Giants, it's just been tough sledding. That said, I think there's been some moments and we'll see him now in a far more, I think, organized offense that has a lot of playmakers, I don't know what you're gonna do with kadarius Tony this year, but a lot of guys you can catch and run. Plus Kenny gallaudet who had the reputation is that 50 50 ball guy. I think that there is a chance of a very flickering Daniel Jones renaissance here. No, I agree. I really like cady's Tony. I think we built like one Dale Robinson the second round traffic here. And not to mention, I mean, do you have a healthy sake bomb Barkley? You would you'd hope so. You haven't coming into these here. So, you know, you got something going there, kind of like the bears did. We talked about Chicago last show, but they rebuilt three fifths of the offensive line, but did it with the pretty good pretty good guys here.

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