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Health care bill and as a curtis guy kaelin his communications director over a government waste put out on on twitter so well maybe just physically impossible to get a biased free headline anymore that's that's because the associated press put out on twitter senate republican leaders new health bill would that insure for sell skimpy coverage gop support for plan still uncertain while he has that is one way to put it but it's not about skimpy coverage it's about low cost plans because not every requires massive insurance plans this it is a nod to senator ted cruz ted cruz has long pushed for certain things to be in the healthcare bill it's one of the reasons when the senate unveiled their go before independence day it was him and center ron johnson you had a senator rand paul senator mike lee of utah all saying you know this it's really nice let's talk about i know it's pretty that you put something out but maybe some better ideas what are we won on what are we get into this when we have a conversation hey we got some ideas ourselves then you had bill cassidy from louisiana who some people think is just simply china be put himself in the conversation as opposed to offering anything of valuable who are sitting on the outside side looking in even uh senator howard dean heller nevada said wait a second not so sure the latest was released to the rank and file members of the senate and closeddoor session it's supposedly includes a what is known as the consumer freedom amendment and a proposal that will allow health savings accounts to pay for healthcare premiums now if worked in just in that conversation think of the pretax dollar paying your premiums some people would definitely get get an advantage to that and of course i can point you two stories when it comes to the consumer freedom amendment uh that you have quite a few people in the health insurance industry who are opposed to it supposedly you have the vice president having conversations about whether or not this is valuable this is a worthwhile i still say that we don't know anything about whether or not this is going to come to a vote this is the sect this is the.

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