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Italian grand prix so for race fans anywhere and everywhere. Powerful sport powerful radio. What's our twenty ninth year on the air across canada. This is the race line radio network. This is lewis hamilton. And you're listening to raise line radio sports five hundred eric. Thomas rice line on the race. Line radio network. Here comes the latest news on the race line. Rice rap brought to you by fast eddie. Speed wear canada's motor sports brand this week. We officially welcome back fast. Eddie and the hansen family to the race line radio network family as a broadcast partner for a fall and winter campaign ad had concern and daughter. Jamie were on the air with us when we started racing radio twenty nine years ago now just in time for our thirtieth anniversary. They are back promoting the cutting edge. Fast edi speed wear brand of racing apparel welcome home fast. Eddie thank you. We're gonna have fun with this brand. You're going to hear a lot more from us on the fastest program in our speedway program. We're now unraced line radio and we're going to grow both of those entities. Were not going to back off. And you're gonna see fast. Edi speed wear grow a lot in the next couple of years fast eddie. Going to present the race line race rap news each and every week besides a few other little things which are good nascar cup playoff under the lights. Bristol tennessee final. Dash the round of sixteen. Kyle larson snatching. The lead from kevin harvick with four to go to score his six. That nascar cup win of the season to advance to the of twelve harvick was held up by chase elliott as payback for earlier contact allowing larson to catch him harvick elegant exchanging unpleasant trees in the pits afterwards eliminated from the playoffs. Riddick l. merola mcdowell and kurt busch cut clippings going to try the season launching clash on a temporary oval of the los angeles coliseum football stadium okay nascar announcing the two thousand twenty two cups schedule thirty nine. Total races starts feb twenty. At daytona concludes november the six at phoenix arizona nascar xfinity at bristol. Aj almond digger sideways crash and bash with austin syndrich canada's alex labbe nineteenth truck playoff at bristol was well chandler. Smith wins that candidate. Stuart freezing fourth. He advances to round of eight general tire presents that our canada and arca report general tire anywhere is possible. Go to general tire dot ca to.

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