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Point five FM and W. T. O. P. dot com here's del Walters and Good Friday evening keep an eye on the skies tonight and tomorrow some of you will see a combination of snow sleet and rain some local school systems already canceling activities tomorrow schools in Culpeper Fairfax county is in Virginia and Prince George Justin and Randall counties in Maryland canceling everything that might have been on the schedule tomorrow Montgomery County is canceling activity Saturday that are scheduled to start before at eleven ten in the morning eleven thirty would be the earliest that anything happens there but they will keep you updated and stay with WTOP for the latest on the forecast coming up in just about five minutes and we are following breaking news out of Richmond tonight Virginia state Supreme Court saying it won't block a weapons banned the went into effect tonight at capitol square governor Ralph nor the making that emergency declaration earlier this week WTOP is Max Smith picks up our coverage from Richmond direct credible threats prompted this extra security in a weapons ban governor Ralph Northam ordered through Tuesday on the block immediately surrounding Virginia state capital it doesn't change Virginia's open carry laws elsewhere in Richmond so police protecting the event have put out a reminder especially for visitors it's fine if people are walking around with guns outside the secure area police are urging those who do carry to keep handguns holstered and long weapons on shoulder slings muzzle down the pro gun lobby day happens every year on Martin Luther king junior day an opposing annual rally to stop gun violence has been canceled over safety concerns several people have been arrested on weapons charges ahead of lobby day conspiracy theorists are also planning to attend the new democratic majority in Richmond is advancing bills to expand background checks restore Virginia's one hand gun a month law into what local governments keep guns out of their parks and buildings Max Smith W. T. opinion there is a high profile coaching change to tell you about tonight involves a local high school football coach who led his team to championships hand and controversy a little over a month after the Damascus high school varsity for ball team won its fourth state championship in the last five years coach Eric Wallich announced his resignation in a Facebook post Wallich says he loves the players coaching staff and the program but with his twin children starting high school next year he needs to be more of a dad and less of a coach well it will continue teaching at the school Damascus highs entire football program was under probationary oversight this season as a result of the twenty eighteen locker room rape scandal involving members of the junior varsity football team for JV players admitted their involvement in juvenile court after taking the state title in December well look told The Washington Post it feels different because of everything we went through adding it's just about a suite of a win as I've ever had Michelle bass WTOP news and still ahead on WTOP an in depth investigation into the death of Caitlyn Jones she is the mother of three who is frowned found dead in Frederick Maryland let me know seven years rob carry a vice president and general manager global public sector solutions with RSA security discussing digital risk management you think of your response was a system of your network inside that far well that's what you have to deal with now you have an interconnected nature of networks you have contractors you have third party suppliers that are connected to you whose identities you trust navigating your network so now you have to cover down on that generally you have to stare at something and realize that there is probably something I want to protect and then mitigate understand who's again touching my network how do they touch it what applications a touch what data they touch and then be able to sort of prioritizes again like RSA provides mission critical cyber security and integrated risk management capabilities including threat detection and response integrated cyber risk management identify an access management and fraud prevention.

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