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A Corona virus vaccine and predicting that next year will be great, he says that distribute the distribution of the vaccine will be quick and vast. Wildfires News 93.1 KFBK Continuing coverage town of Paradise is still under an evacuation warning is unpredictable. Winds continue to whip the flames of the north. Complex fire KFBK is Mike Baka has details Paradise Town leaders did not want away and on Sunday night they issued an evacuation warning for the entire town. Collect Curtis with the town of Paradise. Says Cal Fire is expressing confidence in the containment lines that protect the town. They are feeling pretty good about the containment lions that they have on established in between where the fire is located, and the town of Paradise, she says. The winds of the X factor when are very unpredictable. We want to make sure that everyone is aware of their surroundings and aware that this fire is happening and to be prepared, Curtis says. Since the town is under an emergency power shut off, it was important to be proactive. Let residents know about the possible fire threat. Mike Baka News 93.1 kfbk Large scale evacuations are in place in the Sonoma and Napa County wine country is wild fires rip through neighborhoods. ABC is Alex Stone has Mohr How many homes in and around Santa Rosa have burned isn't clear yet. The fire is enormous, making a four mile run last night into the city of 177,000 residents. Santa Rosa, Fire Chief Tony got sooner. I don't know how many structures were lost throughout the firefight. Last night, but there was a significant loss. Tens of thousands are now evacuated as an assault on the flames is underway at like stone. ABC airs It's 606 on the KFBK Afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil. All right, Joe Michael's there. Thank you. Highway 50 again. Open over. Echo Summit after a 10 Day bridge replacement and retrofit project Caltrans reopening the roadway just south of Lake Tahoe Sunday, five days ahead of schedule. Officials say one way traffic controls will continue during the day for the next couple of weeks, as crews finish some barrier worked the bridge they replaced. Was originally built back in 1939. Well coming up at 6 11 will take a look at our KPK poll question.

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