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President Trump, Mike Barnicle, France discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


People quote, congressman Eric's wall were here. He put it best. The president's European vacation was as bad as the movie he wimped out of honoring our fallen troops. Because of a missing he moved around his hotel room and insulted fire victims, and he was scorched by the French president. This is not winning. This is a national embarrassment could morning and welcome to morning Joe on this Monday, November twelve with us. We have MSNBC contributor, Mike barnicle. Donny Deutsch is with us author. Zeynab Salvi is with us editor of commentary magazine and columnist at the New York Post. John fidora is also contributing editor at the weekly standard and columnists in associate editor for the Washington Post. David Ignatius, Joe where do we begin so many things happening over the weekend? And you talked about what happened Paris. I found it interesting that world leaders couple of years ago. We're trying to take the measure of the man of Donald. Trump. They knew he was going to be disruptive. But it seems after last week's elections where they saw the American people roundly roundly destroy a lot of Donald Trump's allies in congress, despite the fact that the Republicans had the best structural advantage in the house and the Senate that they were ever going to have. And it only gets worse for them two years from now, it's almost like the embarrassment was Donald Trump's and not the countries. I already think Macron I already think the leaders are looking past on Trump because they see him becoming less relevant by the day. But you could take France in the basement and France, you can talk about Florida where Donald Trump is actually questioning like some wet American dictator questioning the integrity of the process in Florida and demanding a recount a revolt in Arizona, despite the fact that Rick Scott's own monitors and law. Enforcement officers. Agreed that nothing went wrong there that that that that nothing illegals happened. You can take that. And I'm sure me these mounting losses that he's saying what started John Edwards talked about. What started is it trickle has really turned into a massive wave. And things are looking bad for the Republicans are looking for Donald Trump. And I think that's what we saw with all of the acting out with Donald Trump in Paris. Well, let's start their world leaders were in Paris over the weekend to commemorate the one hundred anniversary of the end of World War One. President Trump however, chose not to attend several events on Saturday the president and first lady were scheduled to visit the on Marne American cemetery. For is solemn remembrance of the battle of bellawood where the US lost about one thousand troops in one of the most legendary battles in US marine history, but the commander in chief canceled that visit citing the weather as a reason he did speak at a different American cemetery on Sunday and had this message for World War Two veteran in attendance. Frank davita. Thank you. Thank you very much. You look show comfortable up there under shelter as we're getting drenched. You're very smart people. The weather did not stop other world leaders from paying their respects at other historic sites across France, including Canada's Justin Trudeau who paid tribute to the Canadian troops who lost their lives. At a battlefield in northeastern. France, Trump, also skipped the Peres peace forum opting to fly home early instead. And yesterday while the other world leaders walked shoulder to shoulder together to the Arctic three aumf, President Trump decided to go alone. Russia's Putin also went separately, and you can see in this snapshot the difference in reaction between manual macro and miracle and Trump upon Putin's arrival in his remarks president Matt crawl warned against nationalism I label President Trump has recently embraced as the very opposite of the selfishness of a nation which only looks after its own interests because patriotism is the exact opposite. Zett of nationalism nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism by saying our interests. I who cares about the others. We arrays what a nation holds dearest. What gives it life? What makes it grace? And what is essential? It's moral values and to ruin this hope by giving into the fessing nation for withdrawal, 'isolation ISM violence and domination would be in grave error that future generations would very rightly make us responsible for. David ignatius. Donald Trump is looking more and more alone on the world stage..

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President Trump, Mike Barnicle, France discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe

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