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So she resigned and they got a very similar kind of candidate. To Run who was a? Party hack person that had been in the state legislature and Former navy fighter pilot named MICA. came. And the media in the beginning said he's got no chance. And as it got closer to the election, some of the media said it was a toss up, and it ended up a landslide, and this is a district. Most of the voters are from Los Angeles, city. And what it says is I guess we have to say it this way? There's a lockdown backlash. Well, what did it what it is is that the media didn't cover that election that cover the one in Wisconsin, Supreme Court justice that lost that in cover that election in California. Because that didn't fit the narrative did it. No, it doesn't fit the narrative I. There's some in the media now writing, you know. Hey, the Democrat party better wake up. There might be something serious here, but at the time it was happening. I think some in the media thought that, maybe because we have ballot harvesting. That's somehow that The Democrats would be able to make up the difference by running out the leading afterward, yeah. Yeah towards yeah, on Election Day, no election day, and the and the the this particular district I think he ended up up almost twenty thousand votes, and they couldn't make up the difference and the Democrats conceited. And it it bodes badly for them in the upcoming election, because if I think it I think the polls are inaccurate in part, because there's a confounding variable of people, not telling the truth to pollsters. They were afraid to say especially in the presidential election to say the word. That I might vote for trump can't say that because when they call you a racist James Harrison, we gotta run, but tyranny for the good of its victims is the most oppressive, so set theologian CS Lewis. It was true eighty years ago. It's true today, and once again James and good luck in California. Go living there and once again. Thank you for coming on the Bill Cunningham. Show my friend and please. We'll do it again. Thank you I need more than luck. I need prayers and thank you Bill God, bless you, James Harrison! Thank you well. Let's continue with more Bill Cunningham. My final remarks next with you every Sunday night. Billy Cunningham thanks for listening tonight especially enjoyed having on James. Hurson of Los Angeles. Brigitte Gabriel from the East Coast, and also of course from the heartland is congressman Tom Massie I wanNA leave you tonight. As Goff there with a final thought, and that is very simple that tyranny for the good of its victims are the most oppressive of all whenever I hear Gavin newsom or Cuomo or Bashir in Kentucky speak, it's almost as if they treat us as children, infants, imbeciles and farm animals, and that's somehow you and I cannot make independent judgments on ourselves, but how to conduct our lives. Heaven worn as to what not to do. The government knows best how to handle your problem. Tyranny for the good of its victims, or the is the most oppressive all. But thanks for listening tonight. Bill Cunningham the great. American with you and your family every Sunday night..

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