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I would like to say that when somebody says that they have a headache and they are not wanting to have sex. They're not always using that as an excuse to not have sex. And i know this first hand because actually had the headache i was one my head was killing me said notice sex. I said no must've been agri. Honestly i had. It was like the worst headache in the world. And it was one of those things where i think i was going. It was like makeup sacks because chelsea and i had not been necessarily Getting along and it's funny because this comes after you know a day. After hearing mike talk about his angry sacks that he and allie had when they were in the midst of their argument. But i think i was. You know i. I just started kind of like doing the ideal you thing again and watching you know what i mean and kind of eating the way that they and sometimes you because i'm limiting my caffeine. Sometimes they get those. I'm i stopped caffeine Headaches withdraw it's a thing so so yeah so i wasn't necessarily in the mood and i'll be perfectly honest with you. I know this is going to sound bad again too. I was tired. I wanted to just go to bed. I can't believe it. I can't believe it. Not that i turned down sex but then i'm admitting that i turned down sex. I know i'm a guy's guy and people look up to me for things like this so this is all my all my friends out there. All the guys. I apologize i just apologize to you. I let you down. Oh yes i'm sorry. We say you're bringing this up out of shock. You can't believe it's a real thing like it actually happened you and you realize now. Oh maybe women. Yeah i'm gonna say this now. I apologize chelsea. Because i said to her all those. I have a head headaches that you've had i mean. Jeez i thought chelsea had brain tumor for god's sakes because if she had so many headaches but but yeah i really all of them are real that it really does. It really does happen. I mean it was like just i was in athen agony agony because i was so hurt so much it was one of those headaches of made me you know literally have a hard time falling asleep but.

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