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I got two days notice you can book a flight in an hour you could you could leave the studio and get on the toilet could happen coulda woulda shoulda guys please don't be fooled i know you would think that it is because this is such a procedure show but we are not sponsored by poland spring what's it called spring when i was growing up at that it was oland spring because the p is so we're who land is i love touring called poland spring but i'm like how is it poland poland the country where you know it's like it's from it's made further northeast i was about to say like it's only a new york thing but it's no it's northeast growing up dpoland bring my whole life and i never realized it had the country poland in the title but it has nothing to do with that's holy looking at it now right oland it's because poland spring maine and or cold spring denmark maine how do i know how to the denmark and poland why poland spring if it could be from rain snow away cheers okay so what some into the side stories that you need to know before you make them and take that morning test yes because we need to do this because some of us need to get back some of us have places okay i worry mao clooney angered fashion designer tom ford team after wearing her backup outfit by different designer on the met gala red carpet saving his red stained glass count for the private after party day shoddy i need to see the stained glass gown ooh missing big mistake bisher sorry guys ari i didn't i didn't see co nice oh my god every giovane it's literally gorgeous no one's like being like why are wearing prepare this one because jacobs graduating nation ensure.

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