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The love appreciate what y'all are doing for community and spreading good news news Radio. 6 10 W. 00 D Well, you know, the market is just crazy these days, and I know all of us are having trouble, you know, seeing retirement and, uh, and trouble sleeping tonight because I've got a great thing for you to do to be able to sleep better at night and make sure that retirement on solid footing. Call Anthony Perry of the Perry Financial Group. I've been talking for years and years and they will tell you about the fixed annuity with index option That option is for you attached to the option. If the index goes up, you write it with it. You know, you get a higher Ah, return on your dollars. If it goes down, you still are guaranteed 6% every year out of 6% Sound right now. Pretty good, huh? An honest return and the possibility of getting a much higher return. This is how people have made money for years time you and I do it, too. Anthony has been in the business for more than 30 years. He specializes in asset preservation. He's one of the most highly regarded CPA's in the country. Terrific guy right here in South Florida, too. Calm today. He likes talking people. Even it's not customers. He's He's a great guy, and I see better and after I talked to him, so you could do the same. Here's the phone number, It's Anthony Perry 888755 88 87 88 8755 88 87. Also more online at perry financial dot com As Perry PR i financial dot com See my train again today did have some to the northwest, especially.

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