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I'm Frank Bruni and this is the argument before we start rocks. Welcome back Michelle on I. You did you really Frank I. I know that you've got some excellent fillings for me over the last two weeks and I'm just grateful that you were willing to take me back after bailed on you guys in order to propagate the human species or some nonsense like that roark against we in your place They couldn't replace you but they were probably getting a little bit more sleep these days they probably are and and were and continue to I I'm speaking to you guys from the attic of my lovely house where we have in fact added one more human being so we now have four children nine and under All the way down the little rosemary. Who's three weeks old yesterday? sharing the great corona virus lockdown experience and Rosemary's wonderful very happy to have her and about the experience. The less the less said the better. We'll I had no news to rival yours except I should tell our listeners that I'm in a sort of heck Internet hell In which my connectivity from remote location Into the PODCAST. Central is not so great. So if today's recording sounds a little rougher at least on my end unusual it is a technological problem and actually not just frank send. I'm in Maine where I'm you know. I've always known that rural broadband was a problem and now discovering that firsthand. My end might also seem a little bit less than professional some day future. Archaeologists of the American Empire is going to trace the collapse of the American republic during the corona virus.

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