Do Senate Democrats Have Any Reason to Believe They Can Win?


Senator Scott, our people on the Hugh Hewitt radio program are very in the weeds about the mechanics of winning. As the head of the NRSC, you are in charge of making sure we take back the Senate. Are people are people who are concerned because the regime narrative is that we're in trouble in Georgia with Herschel Walker that we're in trouble in Pennsylvania with Doctor Oz. What's the NRSC doing to ensure that we win those crucial Senate seats? Well, Kurt here's where we are. We have great candidates. We've got wonderful individuals that have gotten through their primaries. They're clearly focused on running good races and representing their state. If you look at all over the country, it's actually all these states where we have competitive races. Biden is numbers are horrible. The democratic agenda is not well received. People shocking people don't like high inflation. They don't like to defund the police. They don't like critical race theory. They don't like the fact that there was a raid on a former president House of potential opponent in 24 to the existing administration. So, but we've got to do this as long as we raise our money and we get our message out. I think we have every reason to believe that we can get a majority.

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