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The 35yearold from left to right end overran the ball accelerating into the end zone heath makes the catch and he will take a leak clearly the wind is blowing from left onfield level we saw the match zach side punk rock it that way as well but seven seven as kansas state gets its third offensive drive and we're still waiting on a pass from schuyler thompson had that a standing we had the pass out of the pack you'll right on third and fourteen last night but only one pass so far had that outstanding drive to start the game thompson comes back on the he'll be missouri high school player of the year two years ago i think at some point you've got to throw one run take this mistake defense glenn spencer they're really flag heavy against the run on first and second down play i should pass start this drive out they could be very good official thompson there will start the left pash the twenty five yard line justin silvan in the back you'll describe offset to the right behind the quarterback style thompson to receivers right one little left there's the staff they're moving to the right there's the gear head of the of this a lot of scrimmage it actually losing your yard back to the twenty five yard line of silvan justin phillips the live bagger with the scots just the jobs in the most dominant players or this defense throughout the course years had a great season very consistent excellent ski to the football chad whitener injustice phillips again they are lying down he'll playing the others on the ball the second down at eleven for kansas state goal in the middle of the field now for the sperm majors the twenty four yard y two in the back field winston dibble the fullback fair to the right of thompson plots twice gets it four man rushed throwing down fielded is caught flag all the play out of the thirty one yard like cut by isaiah zuber who pickup up sitting around the twenty five yard line were various williams was in coverage during the super may have pushed off to create that separation the had romeo are referee part of this big twelve crew nelson receiver downfield office however outside receiver regularly millersville blogger are currently second hour you tied a blaze dammit we know will man who's the.

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