Mitch Mcconnell, Lisa Murkowski, Senator Rob Portman discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe (audio) - MSNBC Morning Joe (audio) - 07-19-2017-082059


Well we're going to be hearing from an bremmer next block who broke the story to continue this pretty disturbing report about this meeting but now we turn to health care and this morning the republican lead effort to overcome hall obamacare seems to be on the verge of total and complete collapse majority leader mitch mcconnell's latest push to repeal the healthcare law without an immediate replacement is already had the brink of failure that can only lose two senators from their caucus and already republican senator susan collins shelley moore capito and lisa murkowski have all come out against the repeal only plan and yesterday evening senator rob portman of ohio also released a statement saying and part i don't think it's appropriate jess to repeal we've also got to put a replacement in place despite those concerns litter mcconnell says the party will proceed as planned president trump but african children with members of the vote on the motion of proceed to the obamacare repeal bill early next week recent polling shows the various plans put out by the house and senate republicans have been widely unpopular among with university national poll shows that only twenty seven percent approved the now dead senate healthcare bill that was introduced last week and a new nbc news wall street journal poll found that in key counties that supported donald trump's presidential bid only twelve percent of voter support the house gop healthcare bill senator lindsey graham as usual crystallise the matter.

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