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Right now. Give me the update. This is in my top of dirt Alert. Update A quick look at what's happening in entertainment way. Want the dirt on my talk my top. Did you want to tell me some of these countries in your Morgan Wall in the he's breaking records with his latest album, Dangerous. The Double album. His sophomore album, debuted at Number one on the Billboard 200 albums chart in has the largest streaming week ever for a country album. He broke Carrie Underwood's record of selling the most units of a country album in the past two years, selling 265,000 equivalent equivalent album units. So he's the one who was supposed to be on SNL and They saw him posting videos or videos of him at a party. He was like performing at a university. I think in Texas and then he was like it's some frat party hanging out during covert times, and they're like, Dude, you can't do that. We can't have you on the show. Yeah, It's not good, fresh, traditional country or rock and roll commercial. I think you know what? I'm not sure about that. I'm true. I think he's more commercial country. Yeah, yeah. Which makes sense. If he's having all of this success, so right, she's not a George Street type. If that's what you okay, Yeah. Real country doesn't make money. Right, Uh, the incoming Biden administration, and they're gonna be pushing for a third round of stimulus checks this time for $1400. But analysts are split on win that money might arrive in your bank account accrued. Congressional leaders say the stimulus will be their top priority and could move forward this week, which means checks going out sometime in February. Things go smoothly. However, some analysts think that they're going to see a lot of pushback so it could be April or longer. Before the payments are approved. Yeah, all right. A California man was arrested inside Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. He was found living inside the airport for three months. Because of his fear to fly because of covert 19. Where did he live? He's just sleeping in the airport. Like you know, since there's somebody I'm just going from baggage claim to baggage cream. Yeah, or or just like, you know, he was in the secure area. He had lived off somebody's I d badge. Yeah, so he was charged with felony criminal trespass. He bail was set it $1000 and he can not visit in airport until his court appearance. So Oh, wow, it is he just a homeless guy. I think it's strange that the articles I found saints from what I was afraid to fly. Yeah, afraid to fly home. Wherever home might be. I don't know. But look for him and an Amtrak station near you Exactly Already..

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