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Sort of investment in with toyota but toyota developed a vehicle. They put it all together. Subaru came in through their badges on it. And that's the difference and that is just sad like subaru. You're better than this. We know you are. I know the world's going to vis-. I know that that's the future but you can do better than just being a toyota with different badges. It's just pressing. Well i i mean it makes me question. What subaru has going on with their engineering teams. I mean electrification has been in the auto industry for a long time now and this is the first anything. We've really seen from subaru. And it's just toyota. So i mean we know. Toyota has a stake in subaru. Yup about eighty twenty three percent these days. I believe i mean. Are we getting close to a point. Where toyota's subaru completely. I mean i've been saying this for years. I think you're set me up for this. I think within ten years. Subaru is owned by toyota. Mazda is owned by honda. That that's purely my prediction. But i just think that subaru mazda particularly they're big enough to remain on their own for now but they can't remain independent for long and that's the world we live in and i think there's just going to be this consolidation and they're both gonna get swallowed up. I don't know. I mean it's super who has a has a pretty lengthy history so it was noda and i haven't been watching subaru. Sales figures like a hawk but to the best of my knowledge. They're not they're not doing terribly. Bhai there on the twentieth day dipped a little bit. But everybody everybody. They're they're fine ish. It's just that i mean why. Why are they i mean. Why are we seeing more from subaru in terms of of investments in new tech. I mean that's the question that nobody can answer except the folks at subaru. What we've been seeing from the new. Wrx that looks practically like the one that exists now that it just has shades of corolla. If i'm honest bit it just feels like that. You know i don't know this. It just feels like from covering this industry that something is happening within toy or within the subaru that they're just positioning themselves to be like. Hey toyota or ready. Swallow us up. Were ready to you know so you so. Toyota is a coach builder for bmw now. Subaru is taking. suv's from toyota. I feel like this is a movie of the week. I feel like we could. We could really write something juicy about this and get a get a big movie deal. This is invasion of the body snatchers. Basically it could be. I don't know. I'm going to give subaru the benefit of the doubt. Because you're talking about a teaser. At this point there's there's still more the images they're identical like. That's the thing that you know mommy. The next subaru ea is different. Maybe whatever it's just the fact that we are seeing like the forest or wilderness doesn't come with a turbo. That's a minor thing. Okay whatever that the next wrx basically looks like the current wrx. That the subarus. I e v that it's essentially a rebadged toyota. It's just these confluence of things that makes me feel like it makes me worry about the future of subaru not next year but more like eight to ten years down the line. Yeah it'll be an interesting time for sure folks. what do you think email us. Podcast motor one dot. Com is super lost. Should we be concerned about subaru. Or maybe this is just an experiment where people by electric subaru's instead of investing into their own. The oldest rebadged toyota see people bite. I dunno podcasts. Dot com will. It's i don't know. I don't really have an opinion on it i. I haven't been super interested in subaru since a well. Since i had my hopes and dreams crushed when i bought a very rusty ninety one legacy turbo that i had dreams of recreating colin mcrae's epic rally car only to find that i couldn't even take both underneath because it was. I mean it was literally that rusty and my hopes and dreams were dashed subaru. We love you but yeah where the bassett subarus and bad times and subaru's but still kinda like them so it is what it is. It is what it is. Podcast motor dot com. Just send us your emails like you didn't do last week but we do have some. We do have some comments. We do have some comments on youtube so that we can go over just a quick podcast motor. One dot com is the email address. We've received no emails last week. We were street. No comments on our post at motor one dot com last week however we did receive comments on youtube but guys and we get it. I mean it's it's towards the end of summer people are out doing stuff. Yeah that we got big labor day weekend coming up here. Hopefully you're listening to the podcast relaxing on the lake somewhere at a barbecue. Somewhere you with friends somewhere. Shoot us have email say. Hey i'm sitting here. And i'm near the lake and i can see some guy in an f. One fifty raptor trying to back his twenty two foot boat into the volt launch. And he's he's reverse like eight times now and he keeps backing into the sidewalk. Sunday stuff like that. We wanna hear. We want to hear some of your stories so just real quick so just some of our youtube comments from this week because we like to share those with you because also we like to shout out our youtube commenters and we kinda think you enjoy it so from our buddy vampire bear he said thank you very much again for reading and talking about my comment. I was not calling you out. Just trying to be funny. he was. He had the foo cts comment last week. Hey the bring it on. I can't it took me years to say cts Correctly i always said foolish is love you guys. And there's another great podcast and then he actually commented a second time and said. Hey go by that. Taurus show and spoiler alert our boss. John neff did not by the tourists by. I haven't did you look. I haven't looked..

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