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C. C. O. this is Minnesota's most trusted station for news earning fair skies some sunshine seventy degrees at ten o'clock I'm Steve Sampson CBS news special report the markets are closing out the worst week on Wall Street since the two thousand eight financial crisis with another stomach churning ride with questions over the corona virus weighing heavily on investors on obscenity sister driven so we you know with the fear of the unknown and the unknown is exactly that we don't know how many more cases there will be a market strategist art Hogan everybody is looking for a pullback but should be amazing thing is all of those people were not public starts starts scratching your head and saying how big is this thing going to get you know why is it so violent to the downside this is the way correction happened they don't feel good when they're happening even though we know that we're overdue the World Health Organization has just upgraded the global risk of the corona virus spread to very high south of the border Mexico is reporting its first two cases of the disease CBS news special report I'm Deborah Rodriguez right now the Dow is down about seven hundred sixty nine point says the opening bell rang what about ninety minutes or so ago so we'll continue to follow that the part of education here in Minnesota today is offering a conference call at this hour with the state superintendents about the corona virus Minnesota school administrators association director Gary Amoroso talked with Dave Lee on the morning news this morning after whatever I want to do right now and have a conversation about the current status of of what the department is thinking and you know if there are any recommendations beyond what we've heard today earlier this week the superintendent of wise at a public school sent an email to parents assuring them that administrators have been in contact with the state department of health and we're also says the number one priority is to provide a safe school environments is dealing with the virus will be discussed in the school administrators association spring conference that starts on March twelfth where this morning that Americans pull back on their spending in January even as their income surged that's a sign the economy was growing modestly be for the threat of the virus arose the commerce department saying today the consumer spending increased two tenths of a percent last month that's down from four tenths of a percent in December and the smallest gain since October authorities are looking into the death of a man whose body was found after an early morning fire in northeast Minneapolis we're called to put out a blaze in the basement of a building in the eighteen hundred block of Central Avenue northeast overnight the discovery came after the flames were extinguished and police John elder investigators showed up on the scene determined that the death is suspicious and so homicide investigators came out the medical examiner will determine the cause of death in the man's identity neighbors of the Milwaukee electricians who fatally shot five people at one of the nation's largest breweries before killing himself that he enjoyed building guns police said the third F. fifty one year old Anthony for real was the gunman in Wednesday shooting he was a fifteen year employee at the Molson Coors brewery complex roles eighty two year old neighbor Erna says she he often talked about how he enjoyed assembling guns from parts the order through the mail he also says he was a gentleman and she considered him like our son black history month not just about what happened way back when that was among messages delivered during last night's live round table here on CC radio among the panelists vocational rehabilitation services CEO OB Kiper junior who says kids must understand that they have a chance to make history now I'm of the opinion that education is one way to get that done we've got to keep our youth in school and we've got to get him going toward both tech colleges community colleges and and liberal arts schools so they can be economically independent and move forward camper grew up in south Minneapolis for you as part of the first black family to live in that particular neighborhood WCCO news time is ten for traffic and weather together next yes this morning and the morning news with Staveley on newstalk eight threo WCCO G. M. N. B. sixty two.

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