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Hired impersonation of sean spicer the white house press secretary who resigned later this hour armour changes ahead what do they mean also who had would've president wire respected council and david miller band of international rescue committee with a call for the world to pay attention to the globes largest humanitarian crisis first our news casted saturday july twenty second 2017 live from npr news in washington on giles snyder in syria fighting has calmed in the eastern suburbs of damascus russia's says a new ceasefire deal has been reached without position fighters and state television says the syrian military has as declared a cessation of hostilities it's part of a plan to freeze frontlines in the country is npr's ruth sherlock reports donald trump announced a ceasefire in southwest syria will make two weeks ago that the syrian regime he's the quiet that to move troops against rebels in gupta this is the last main rebel holdout near the camp to damascus is somehow rise a spokesman for the southern front rebels told npr this week that trump ceasefire would collapse if gutic kept being attacked so look happening old law is neither of us and that's threatening the deal of its might make you ceasefire russian now says it has secured a deal to end the key to fighting moscow is an ally of the syrian regime the test is whether russia can enforce the agreement reached shanoch npr knees beirut president trump has launched a series of tweed seemingly sparked by reporting from the washington post the president characterized suppose story about attorney general jeff sessions contact with the russian ambassador during the presidential campaign as a new intelligence leaky also ruled that while he has the complete power to grant pardons you only crime so far have been leaks against his administration the pentagon has confirmed a us air strike on a compound in afghanistan's helmand province where u s led nato forces and the afghan government are battling the taliban local officials say more than a dozen members of the afghan national security forces are debt in peers to your had the.

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