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Just being so good after a job over the years I went on the show went in person would come out via remote through Zoom and stuff and I got a chance to interact with them with all being on there and they just so good at what he does. Now he's doing a for CBS mornings is on NFL Sundays on Nickelodeon. He's all over the place so you're trying to fill those shoes and my one thing I did was I was like I'm not going to go back and study Nate. I want to make sure when I'm starting to show like I'm just being Hawaiian but that's good enough and great. I'll have a nice long run right here on a good morning football by going there and I suck and they're just like, what the heck we need Nate back then I won't be there long and my TV career would be very short. So I think that was kind of how I dealt with it just dive in, head first, give it your best shot and see where it puts you, but it's been really cool even throughout our weeks Nate usually comes on the show once or twice a week and he'll come on just for his one segment and I'll leave that segment on like dang now. Now I see why people miss Nate but this is delivery to things he said. It's quick with it. And so good at being able to come up with stuff and his answers and his knowledge on football and everything in between. I'm one of those guys that I hate change, especially with shows I like and I watch you guys every day and I have to say you and Jamie though I felt like it was pretty seamless and you guys really fit in well. It wasn't jarring at all. I think maybe what maybe ended up helping you a little bit is that they sort of went a year without replacing name. I don't know, I feel like maybe from like you mentioned those quote unquote fans who said, you know, bring back Nate I think a year of rotating hosts probably when you came in then it's not like you're immediately replacing him. So maybe that helped. But as far as from what I've seen in television shows sports TV, this transition or change has been as smooth as I think I've ever seen. Yeah, we felt that way too, and I think me and Jamie talked about it all the time. We were so fortunate to have each other starting to show at the same time opposed and maybe a year ago, all was starting to show as Nate went to CBS more and now I'm the one new person on the show with three of the veteran veteran holson not only better, but they started the show and now I'm starting to know the next thing you know I get comfortable and now we got to do it together and lean on each other and it wasn't just one new kid on a block. So I do think that was helpful. And I will say just from the beginning there's been chemistry. We talked about it. It was in the summer. I did a two day audition and in between those two days, Jamie had fluent from Minnesota and off air the four of us did a show just to see what it felt like and this was the first time we all were meeting each other and getting to know one another and it was really cool and it was kind of a vibe and chemistry early on and the one thing about the show you're going to get better right away because it's every single day. So the more reps you do together the more time you spend together, you start to see the chemistry and the bonds and all this kind of poking fun at each other. It kind of happens right away and I will say the two things that helped it a lot was we traveled to London together and then we traveled to Germany together and when you do that it's a ton of time not only doing our show but going out to eat and waking up together traveling to and from the site together all of that time spent. It helps to develop the relationships and the chemistry. Give me have you had a most memorable moment on the show in your first years or something. If I said, what's a day what's something that happened that sticks out in your mind? Because you guys do some really wacky stuff on that show. I mean, Wall Street is in and of itself, we can get into. But there's always something going on that's, you know, a little off the beaten path on that show, so I'm just curious. One of them would be the first trip to London. That was the first time that I got a chance to do the show with her. It's actually people lined up outside. We're doing a live show from remote and there's an audience there who are energizing us asking questions. We're going out there and interacting with them. That was such a different experience that that was very memorable because it was just like, wow, I'm here on in London. I was just here last year playing in a game. And now I'm here to host the TV show throughout the course of the week. And I would say, probably another one, I don't remember specifically what it was, but anybody that watches our show knows you can never anticipate or know what Kyle grant is going to say or do next. And I won't be time, especially in the summer when I first started to show he would say something and I would kind of look at the camera and the producers would be laughing at my hair because I'm just like, is there like a sensor is he allowed to say some of the things that he's saying? So I think those aspects start to show definitely stand out to me and it happens every single day where you don't know what Kyle or Peter or somebody is going to do and what they're going to come up with. Two weeks ago, Jamie was riding around in the studio in a scooter after she saw Pete Carroll do it down in Seattle. So that's the fun thing about our show that keeps it lively. You never know what the next person's going to do. And tell me, you played in the NFL for 13 seasons. When did you sort of get the sort of bug that you would be in media or wanted to get into TV? Was it something you had thought about for years? Was it something that came up when you retired? How did it go from right from the field onto a daily NFL show? Yeah, I can't say that I'll force all that comment of just from one to the other, literally within a week, but throughout my career, I always had something going on in Tennessee. I remember a guy Joel fan was working for the Tennessee Titans now. I believe it was in Seattle or San Francisco now writing for the beat reporter, but he was there and we would do a little show in between writing our players lounge. We would talk about the team in different things and then from that I had a radio show that Jay Mac show when I was with the Titans. So always kind of doing small things here and there. And then finally at 2018 when I ended up joining New England Patriots, my brother and myself started a podcast double coverage with the McCourty twins that we did for the three or four years there. So I think it was kind of a growing interest as I continue to go through the league and it was something that I started to develop skills and being uncomfortable being behind a microphone or in front of a camera of doing those types of things and then in April last year have gone out the NFL did a broadcast boot camp and went out there was 24 of us and you go out there for about three days and the last day is basically an audition for everybody. What we want from radials there, compass, Fox, CBS, ESPN, NFL network, everybody's there and ended up doing that studio stuff called the game, radio stuff, everything you can think of in the sports media industry. And next thing you knew from there, job opportunity started popping up. I think that's when it really hit me my no, you really have an opportunity to do some things. And that kind of helped push to retirement. No one was there and probably the right move, having something to walk into is a big part of all of us as players we

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