Lester Holt, Rosenstein, President Trump discussed on Mueller, She Wrote


That's a very different things and follows yes total and following that press conference sanders spoke to the president who told her she did a good job and did not point out any inaccuracies in her comments and sanders told muller that <hes> sarah huckabee sanders still told muller that her reference to hearing from countless members of the f._b._i. Was a slip of the tongue she would lie ally and she also recalled recalled her statement in separate in a separate press interview that rank and file f._b._i. Agents lost confidence in komi was a comment she made in the heat of the moment that was not founded on anything. Wow that should always be like you know like on the little. What do they call it. The thing where the headlines are on the news. Where are the chiron the chiron yeah yeah. She's always put that when she's speaking like just quote. I never forget that. She said it was founded on nothing because she always that's literally every time she speaks that. She lied about that just like like her stage. Direction is always parentheses lying. Just genders sanders lion cut to lying just always in their bag quality to have to that when you get all flustered in a news conference which you are number one supposed to be need the coolest and calmest person. That's presumably why you'd be selective with that position that you freak out and just lying. That's why i like to go back and watch the west wing because she he was the best <hes> press conference holder in all the land and i just wish that that was reality <hes> also that same day by the way sessions and rosenstein spoke to mcgann separately separately each and expressed concern that the white house was creating a narrative that rosenstein had initiated the decision to fire comey and white house counsel's office agreed that it was factually wrong to say the department of justice had initiated combs terminations the white house counsel agreed and mcgann asked attorneys in the white house counsel's office to work with the press office to correct the allies that that huckabee sanders and trump told and the next day trump participated in an interview with lester holt dun dun dun and this is the one where the president told <hes> well before you went in the the president told the white house counsel's office in advance of the interview <hes> that the communications team could not get the story right so he was going on lester holt to get it right right and say what really happened. That's a little fun piece that we didn't know because he just because we know he went on lester holt and we know he admitted to obstruction of justice and we thought prov yeah but the fact that he told mcgann's office in advance of the interview saying you guys messed up. You didn't get the story right. You're wrong. I'm right. I'm gonna go on lester holt. I'm going to say what really happened. And during the interview the president stated he made the decision to fire comey before the president met with rosenstein in sessions and the president told i was going to fire regardless of recommendation right and only coincidentally coincidentally did rosenstein just on his own accord decide to bring this letter to trump right when he was also going to fire him he and then rosenstein. You know that that's what trump told hold like action kind of really what happened. Trump's is worst enemy but regardless of recommendation. I was gonna fire combing..

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