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Let's continue with browse through the day's newspapers Antipodean flavor today. Courtesy of my colleague from down under violating stone. It's Markle's contributing editor Andrew. Me Good Morning Andrew. Good morning from monocle. Twenty four zero eleven studio sounding good this morning not too far from where? I began my day. We don't we're not like more wise though don't live together but we're not too far less than the country. We've been talking about this morning about a political leadership or lack thereof And what at first glance might seem a nice story Camber Times leading with a great piece about a masterclass in leadership? Slight problem for people in Australia. It's not there's no it's not. It's an editorial by Sues Wilson. Whose Kiwi academic And it might be the case. That she's enjoying sticking gluten was starters. Koa side very often. I think choosing to run the pace quite prominently is also the Canberra Times The record of our nation's capital enjoying sticking the boot into the federal government. It does might quite a case. For just cinder Ogden's handling of this crisis it credit for being direct straightforward decisive and transparent in various other adjectives not recently applied to strongest Prime Minister Scott Morrison and it does kind of toying the risk of tooting monocle own of what we were saying about to Cinderella and when we nine to last year's best soft power leader. It shouldn't be the case may be the basically saying like you know what you're doing in a fundamentally decent human being wins you this sort of applause but the bar isn't set terribly high at the moment now indeed no what about another soft power asset that. I think has a complicated relationship with Australia the monarch Queen Elizabeth at the top of the show. And you talked about this address. She gave last night. How are the papers covering the speech? He gave Andrew that guns surprisingly big on it when I say. Surprisingly the monarchy in Australia is not the big deal that it wants walls indeed. It couldn't have been I. I looked up because I wanted to make sure the numbers right and I are astonished when the Queen. I visited Australia in nineteen fifty four. And that's an astonishing felt in itself. Sydney had a population of about one. Point eight million people just over one point. One million people in Sydney toned out to see her ship arrive now granted. There wasn't much from television in nineteen fifty four in fact. I'm not sure there was television in nineteen fifty four but nonetheless. That's the that's the peak from which she's come down. But I think the reason that the striking papers have gone quite big on her address last night was it's not so much anymore out of difference to the monarchy. I think it's it's respect for her personally in the continuity she represents Mo- most historians will have no recollection of any other head of state. And I don't think that the pipe would have gone nearly as big on this if it'd Bayden address given by for example King Charles the food but what I didn't realize looking at the Sydney Morning Herald coverage which is the the pace. We're talking about the outstanding pub quiz fact. This is the only fourth time only the fourth time. She's ever given an unscheduled broadcast in her entire Ryan. And I think you could start a lot of arguments in the pump by asking people denying the other three. Let's let's invite all listening to right right to Andrew Miller. His email details her on the masthead of course. Let's talk a little bit about another intriguing global dynamic Andrew wherever we look in the world people are looking at The repatriation of citizens stranded by this awful period for Australia. I guess it's even more of a global problem than for other nations who are international globalist in their outlook. It is because there's two things playing into this. One is the fundamental question of distance. Almost by definition. When you leave Australia you've had to go locally to do it. It's a big country. A way from anywhere so getting people back from places is quite the logistical enterprise and also we are especially now youth of a nation of travelers. We you know. We don't have the option of having a a few days in Portugal or France or Spain or Italy. We tend to travel. Quite protracted periods quite large distances and quite often on the budget. So we have we are having issues or the Australian government is certainly having issues with a lot of backpackers who had been stranded overseas often in not terribly accessible places. They can't get home Because the airport's closed because travel bans being imposed by whichever country there so there's a piece on the ABC's website which is what we're talking about looking at the the plight of the strategy in trying to do knowledge until you and India specifically but there's hundreds of these cases all over the world just in the last hour or so. It's been announced that a commercial jet. He's got to be organized by the Australian government to bring a strike inside from Peru but not actually clear yet known saved yet to clear whether the Australian government is shouting backpack as they fly time from Peru or whether they're going to be obliged to kick in for it which a lot of people might think it's cheaper to stay here and you were telling me short but we can't cost the opportunity to ask the author of bestselling Book About Football Con. The Best Book about Austrailia Rules Football. I've ever read also the only one but nevertheless poppycock poppycock tat in your single on and tell me what this is. All about. This is interesting. This is being reported in the age. The Melvin News by Burn. It's not just about destroyed football but this is going to be a conversation. The other sports competitions around the world again to have which is how do we restart and the Australian football league which played one round of dimes and couple of weekends ago. Then through the talent is looking at making the most of Australia's space thinking about actually picking a place in Australia which can be isolated virus free and just putting every team there for the duration of the season so the virus can't get in apply. It can't get out I have. I am fascinated to see how this is going to play out in practice. It's fascinating idea. Sounds like it sounds like a good documentary Andrew. Great to speak with you. That's all contributing editor Andrea Melissa. Promisingly spark sprightly at this time of the morning. All I can say thank goodness. We don't have a videolink. You're listening to the globalist..

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